Ben Affleck, relaxation and fun in Las Vegas with J.Lo's mom

Ben Affleck, relaxation and fun in Las Vegas with J.Lo's mom

Ben Affleck was seen in a Las Vegas casino with Guadalupe Rodríguez, Jennifer Lopez's mother

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the return of “Bennifer”. The long love story

Ben Affleck has always been a gambling enthusiast and, according to Page Six reports, was caught playing with Jennifer Lopez's mother in none other than Las Vegas, the city of lights and casinos. This time the actor chose an exceptional game partner: Guadalupe Rodríguez. They were photographed at the Wynn resort, in the most famous Sin City in the world.

The photos taken from the actor and J.Lo's mother show how the two were having fun, spending time together. By now, the love story between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is certain: despite the couple's announcement ruined by the paparazzi and their plans, the bond is apparently solid.

In Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez was not present: among other things, it seems that Ben has returned to the Wynn resort even alone. On that occasion, the actor wore a black T-shirt and baseball cap, trying to hide, but was recognized anyway. The star's return to the Blackjack table hasn't gone unnoticed by the tabloids.

Gambling has always been a soft spot for Ben – card games in particular. A few years ago, he was kicked out of a Las Vegas casino, as he was caught doing one of the oldest (and absolutely forbidden) tricks: counting cards. The club in question, Hard Rock, at the time had ordered him to leave the game table (and put the door).

Among other things, his 2001 win will remain famous: again at Hard Rock, he had in fact brought home a good 800,000 euros. After that occasion, he was officially banned from the casino. The fact that now he does it again is a bit of a problem: maybe Jennifer sent her mother to check on Ben's behavior, to prevent possible problems in the future.

In September 2014, Ben talked about his Blackjack addiction: “It took me some time to learn how to play cards, to become a decent player. Once I became one, the casinos warned me not to sit at their table anymore. I mean: if you're good, you can't play. It should say a lot about casino rules. "

By virtue of his statement, the reason for accompanying Guadalupe Rodríguez seems clearer to us: relaxation, fun, yes, but in moderation. The presence of Jennifer Lopez's sweet mother is probably reassuring for the artist, who in this way can remotely check that Ben is not yet banned from Las Vegas casinos and that he is overdoing alcohol again.

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