Bermuda shorts are the comfy chic garments of the season: combine them like this

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Bermuda shorts are back in vogue and will not abandon us all summer, but how can we combine them? Here are 5 ideas that may be right for you.

Who said that comfort can’t rhyme with elegance? If you want a visual representation that the two prerogatives can coexist, just wear a Bermuda shorts.

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Speaking of historical courses and appeals in fashion, here is one: in the summer of 2022 it is back in vogue, after watching the sun set over you for a while.

Very comfortable, practical, refined: these trousers are all we need to face the summer heat with the right amount of glamor.

Can become part of many very different looks: we can wear them for a hot day at the office, for an aperitif with friends, but also for an informal dinner.

In short, this is the typical passpartout garment which we just can’t do without, especially in summer, when we want to be fresh but at the same time we don’t always want to totally uncover the legs.

Available in every possible fabric, color, tailored cut, Bermuda shorts can be adaptable to the needs of each of us.

And, not surprisingly, we have seen them on the catwalks of many designers. A few examples? Those proposed by Karl Lagerfeld, perfect for giving life to a sophisticated color blocking, or those by Sara Battaglia, in line with the rainbow trend, or even those by Laura Biagiotti, tropical and, therefore, absolutely summer.

But which garments can we combine our favorite Bermuda shorts with in the summer, for a comfy – chic effect? Here are 5 proposals for you.

5 ways to combine Bermuda shorts in summer

Wearing Bermuda shorts in the summer is all we need to be able to remind ourselves that being comfortable does not mean giving up refinement. Indeed, often the two things go hand in hand.

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If you’ve just bought a Bermuda shorts and don’t know which garments you can combine it with, here are 5 ideas that might be perfect for you.

And if you love the minibag, here are 5 ways to combine it in summer to be original.

Bermuda shorts and crop top

It may seem trivial, but in reality this combo is always glamorous. Bermuda shorts – typically knee-length – meet the crop top – typically very short – and together they give life to what we could define as casual clothing par excellence.

You can wear it during the day, simply with sneakers, or, if you prefer, with flat slave sandals. In a few steps you will be ready to be irresistible.

Bermuda shorts and vest

This is a brilliant, original, fresh duo. The bermuda – maybe linen, for a summer mood to the nth degree – it meets, collides and merges with the gilet.

From below a very simple white tank top will suffice. What color to choose? A total beige perhaps, as chic as ever.

What shoes to choose? Even a pair of mules will do just fine, or slingbacks, or even simple flat sandals. After all, we want to be comfortable.

Cropped Bermuda shorts and blazer

Yup, this is the typical sexy – chic outfit, that you can propose both to go to the office and for an aperitif on Saturday afternoon with friends in the city center.

It all depends from the fabric you choose, from the color of the accessories. For example, if you choose denim Bermuda shorts, a colorful blazer and stiletto heels, you can wear this outfit even in the evening.

If, on the other hand, you stay on sober colors – also favoring a beige in the lower part and a cream in the upper part – and flat sandals, you can wear it even in broad daylight.

Bermuda shorts and asymmetrical top

Here you can play on total black to be very elegant. “But we are in the summer”, you will think. But it doesn’t matter because black – as well as white for the rest – is an evergreen and can be adapted to any season.

And then the asymmetrical garments are writing the history of current fashion, made of apparently risky choices, but which hide deep reflections, return to the past with one foot in the present and looking towards the future, imperfections that make us imperfect.

The world of fashion has issued its sentence: whoever wears an asymmetrical top can be at most guilty of wearing an excessive amount of glamor.

And why not wear it with a Bermuda shorts? Complete the look of the sandals with stiletto heel and waist strap, maybe all golden, to be combined with a minibag (which should be black and golden). You will be perfect and if perfection does not exist you will create it.

Oversized bermuda and t – shirt

Even Bermuda shorts can become oversized, becoming the comfy garment that doesn’t exist more comfy. Obviously if we wear it we must understand what the right amount of “excess” is.

And therefore we must choose a garment for the upper part of our body that is not too abundant (not XXL in short).

How to do? Wearing for example a t – shirt to slip into the Bermuda shorts and flare slightly, just enough to create the right proportion between the top and bottom.

What to add to the look? Simply sandals with a round midi heel and a not too small bag.

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