Beyoncé robbed by thieves, the value of the stolen goods is staggering

Beyoncé robbed by thieves, the value of the stolen goods is staggering

A gang of thieves broke into some deposits owned by the singer stealing goods of very high value

Grammy Awards, the triumph of women. And Dua Lipa leaves you breathless

The news is bouncing on all the American newspapers and the first news was Tmz: Beyoncé suffered a theft with a stellar figure. The thieves would have managed to get inside some of the artist's warehouses, stealing goods of the highest value. Now the damages are estimated, while the overseas authorities are already looking for the culprits.

The bandits would have raided the warehouses rented in Los Angeles by Parkwood Entertainment, a company owned by Beyoncé. Inside there are memorabilia and personal items of the singer. The loot stolen from the artist would be mind-boggling and would be around a million dollars: among the goods taken away there are also luxury clothes and accessories. The thieves allegedly broke into three of the singer's warehouses twice in a row.

Beyoncé is only the latest star in chronological order to have suffered a theft: recently thieves allegedly looted a warehouse of another international star, Miley Cyrus. Even in his case, clothes and personal belongings of great value would have been stolen. Now the authorities are looking for a connection between the shots to understand if the same gang of professional thieves is hiding behind the thefts.

Just a few days ago Beyoncè celebrated a great artistic achievement, triumphing at the 63rd edition of the Grammy Awards and taking home 4 statuettes. The singer has rightfully entered the Olympus of the greatest in the world, conquering the record for the most awarded female artist in the history of the Grammys: in all she has won 28 awards and considering her age she has plenty of time to win more.

Born in 1981, Beyoncé is 39 years old and an already legendary career behind her: she has been on the music scene since 1997, first in a group with the legendary Destiny's Child (with whom she sold something like 60 million records), then as a soloist since 2003 onwards, abundantly breaking through the ceiling of 100 million records sold.

In her life not only music but also an acting career and a family built together with Jay-Z: the two married in 2008 and are parents of Blue Ivy (born in 2012) and the twins Rumi and Sir (born in 2017) . Now the police committed to shedding light on the millionaire theft will try to find the culprits, with the hope of recovering the assets stolen from the singer.

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