Bianca Guaccero returns with Detto Fatto: the start date and the new time

Bianca Guaccero returns with Detto Fatto: the start date and the new time

Bianca Guaccero returns to the small screen with "Detto Fatto": the program will begin with some news

Bianca Guaccero is ready to return to the small screen with Detto Fatto: the new edition will start on October 26th. The start of the program has been postponed due to the broadcasting of the Giro d'Italia, which will be broadcast live on Rai 2 from 3 to 25 October.

The new season of Detto Fatto will be full of news: the program will start later than last year, going on the air from 15.00 until 17.30. In fact, from 14.00 to 15.00 the new program by Milo Infante entitled Ore 14 will be broadcast.

However, Bianca Guaccero remains firm at the helm, currently engaged on the set of the fiction Il Medico della Mala, a Rai series expected in 2021. At her side in this adventure also the actor Marco Bocci, Loretta Goggi and Violante Placido.

The presenter on her Instagram profile revealed to her fans a novelty of this edition: she announced the introduction of a new space within Detto Fatto, inviting anyone with a funny, moving or interesting story to tell to write to the program. Alongside the historical tutorials, there will therefore also be a section dedicated to emotainment, a change within the format that has remained similar over the years.

On the other hand, the cast of the Rai program will remain the same: confirmed Jonathan Kashanian with his column dedicated to gossip – and whose presence until a few days ago had not been confirmed – and Carla Gozzi with her advice on the look and the style, without forgetting Gianpaolo Gambi and Elisa D'Ospina, who will continue to host stories related to the themes of bodyshaming and bullying].

At Detto Fatto then there will be historical columns so loved by the public, but to this there will also be a space dedicated to the stories of ordinary people. According to what was reported by TvBlog in the Friday episode, moreover, there should be space for a "super tutorial", on which the authors would be working in these days.

Fans are waiting for nothing more than seeing Guaccero on TV, with the new season of their favorite program: in fact, in recent weeks there have been many comments under the host's social posts, where admirers asked for information on the start of the broadcast.

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