Bonus 2022: 5 concessions provided for those with low income

Bonus 2022: 5 concessions provided for those with low income

For 2022, various bonuses are planned that will facilitate low-income Italian families. Here’s what they are.

2022 it should be the year of post Covid recovery, or rather we could say it should have been.

Bonus 2022

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Yes, because while we are talking about abolishing the green pass, the reopening now almost completely completed, everything seems to be back (almost) to normal, the war in Ukraine has taken care of it to break again the hope of a total recovery.

So we have seen the cost of gasoline increase exponentially, as well as that of many foods (albeit to a lesser extent) and we are faced with a rather worrying scenario.

Suffice it to say that GDP will grow by 1.3% lower in 2022 than expected (it will be 2.5 against the 3.8 expected pre – conflict).

And while inflation is upon us (even if the energy one is already underway), the purchase of government bonds could suffer a halt towards the end of the year, the Italian state is trying to understand how to help the population, especially the “low-income” part. So here are the bonuses planned for 2022.

Bonus 2022: here is the aid to the low-income population

One of the latest benefits – in a chronological sense, is the social bonus for bills. Who is eligible? All the people who have an Isee ceiling of 12 thousand euros (previously it was 8 thousand euros, but it was raised to be able to concern a greater number of families).

Bonus 2022

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When to apply? By December 31st (and starting from April 1st). The interesting fact is that to obtain it it is not necessary to apply. In fact, it is Arera (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment) that recognizes the beneficiaries on the basis of INPS data. Therefore, it is sufficient to provide your ISEE model.

The second facility is the 2022 Nest Bonus. This obviously also varies according to the ISEE. But what exactly is it about? Reimbursement – total or partial – of the enrollment costs and the monthly fees of the nursery. Those who do not submit the ISEE automatically fall into the lowest contribution bracket.

The third is the Under 36 Home Bonus, a useful benefit for those who are up to 36 years old (which therefore concerns those born after 1986) and want to buy a house. The important thing to know is that this Bonus is up to those who have not turned 36 in the year of the deed, but it cannot be requested by everyone without distinction.

In fact, it is up to those who have an ISEE of less than 40 thousand euros and can demonstrate that they have to take out a mortgage not exceeding 250 thousand euros for the purchase of a first home. Anyone interested can apply by 31 December 2022.

Another facility is given from the Single Check. What is it about? Of an economic measure to support families with dependent children, entry into force starts from 1 March 2022 (even if in reality it was already possible to apply from 1 January).

In any case, it is a measure intended for all families, which is valid from the seventh month of pregnancy until the 21st year of each fiscally dependent child.

The amount recognized, as can be easily imagined, decreases with the increase in income. In this case, however, it is not necessary to present the ISEE to apply: without this, 50 euros per child are automatically recognized every month.

Another facility is the Psychologist Bonus. We know that these years of pandemic above all have generated in many people – especially young people – a great deal of stress.

The loss of freedom, the inability to attend and deal with peers (especially in adolescents), the loss of work (in the older ones) and all the consequent problems, were a very hard blow to be amortized for many people.

This is why this Bonus, inserted in February in the Milleproroghe decree, is now more useful than ever. We know that 20 million have been allocated for 2022: half of these will be used for the bonus and half for the recruitment of professionals.

To claim this bonus it is necessary to present the ISEE. The maximum ceiling it was set at 50 thousand euros and we know this concession reaches up to 600 euros per year.

Finally, the latest Bonus for 2022 (certainly not least) is the Purchasing Card. This is granted to citizens aged 65 and over or under the age of three.

What is it specifically? It is a card that works like a normal electronic payment card and, once obtained, it is periodically recharged by the State without further formalities or requests.

The top-up takes place every two months, in two installments of 40 euros each, for a total of 80 euros. These sums must in any case be used for specific purchases: those of food, medicines, electricity and gas bills and so on.

How can I receive the Purchase Card? By submitting the application in paper form at Poste Italiane, attaching the unexpired identity document and the ISEE, which must be less than 7,120.39 euros for the application to be accepted.

The Youth Culture Bonus, which we talked about some time ago, is also very interesting.

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