Breast cancer, the DIANA project explains the right lifestyles for those who face it

Breast cancer, the DIANA project explains the right lifestyles for those who face it

The project aims to identify lifestyles to improve prognosis after breast cancer diagnosis

Knowing the "enemy" means going a step ahead of him, understanding his moves better, facing him in the best way when he attacks us. If you can do it with many other women, through modern technologies, the challenge can be fought more easily.

This is the proposal of the DIANA project, aimed at all women diagnosed with breast cancer, without any exclusion: they can participate at any age even if the diagnosis was made many years ago and even if they have had metastases, relapses or second tumors . The study is coordinated by the Department of Predictive Medicine and Prevention of the National Cancer Institute of Milan, which has been involved in the study of this pathology for years.

The sharing strategy

The project aims to identify lifestyles capable of improving prognosis after breast cancer diagnosis. Proper nutrition, in the style of the Mediterranean diet and daily physical activity can influence the prognosis even when the disease has already recovered. Anyone who wants to participate, completely free of charge, will have a confidential and personal account.

All people who join the study will find advice on nutrition (such as recipes), physical activity and, in general, lifestyles; they will also be informed about news in the scientific field and will be able to send questions (but also suggestions for improving the project) to the researchers themselves. It will be possible to follow video conferences and participate in meetings or courses in the area, information of which will be given through a dedicated and readable agenda in the reserved area of ​​the website.

Anyone wishing to join can do so by accessing the site, registering and following the instructions provided by the site and through e-mails. On the Home Page of the site you will find a detailed description of the study and the contacts for more information. Furthermore, those wishing to have further information can call 02 2390 3511 during office hours or write via email.

Everything travels on the web

The organizers of the project only ask for a commitment: to fill in the various forms and questionnaires on health and lifestyles that will be proposed at regular intervals within your personal account. The compilation of the questionnaires can be done comfortably from home.

There is no need to go to the Milanese Institute, so much so that many people from the USA are also enrolled in the project. The important thing is to remember that each person, with their contribution, can offer others their experience and draw strength from that of the many participants and from the information shared.

If the diagnosis is always the same, that is breast cancer, within this definition there are many different categories that differentiate one lesion from another, so much so that today we are talking about specific pathologies – and therefore treatments – for each woman. Today the specialist is in fact able to understand, on the basis of the characteristics of the cancer cells and the mutations they undergo, how to deal with the disease and prepare the “tailor-made” therapy for each individual case. And the advice for healthy habits can be a winning weapon to control the situation over time.

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