“Briatore in Dubai with his son for Elisabetta Gregoraci”: he clarifies on Instagram

“Briatore in Dubai with his son for Elisabetta Gregoraci”: he clarifies on Instagram

Flavio Briatore clarifies after the gossip according to which he would be in Dubai with Nathan Falco because of Elisabetta Gregoraci and the "GF Vip"

Flavio Briatore sheds some light on Instagram and explains why he flew to Dubai with his son Nathan Falco. In fact, in the last few hours there was talk of a trip organized because of Elisabetta Gregoraci. After a direct social media by Gabriele Parpiglia, gossip began to circulate according to which the entrepreneur would have chosen to reach Dubai with his son to protect him from the gossip born from the showgirl's participation in the GF Vip.

Briatore wanted to reply on Instagram, posting a message in which he denies the news. Flavio would have flown to the Arab Emirates for work and would have decided to bring Nathan Falco with him to spend some time together. "Gossip never sleeps – he explained -. I went to Dubai for work, for the opening of the new Billionaire concept, which among other things is already enjoying extraordinary success. I took my son Falco with me, making sure that every day he studied and did the homework assigned to him by the school before leaving. The reason for my decision was only the desire to be able to spend these days at work with my son. The rest are pure fantasies and gossip ”.

After the announcement of Alfonso Signorini, who decided with the production to extend the airing of GF Vip until February, Elisabetta Gregoraci has announced its release. During the last episode, the showgirl was moved to tears by her son's video message and decided to leave the show. “I have a baby who I haven't seen for 75 days – he explained -. And my son is the podium, he has to come first of all, more than anything. It must be so. The children must be followed. As much as they can tell you they are fine, they need their mother ”. Elisabetta hugged Pierpaolo Pretelli, with whom she has created a very strong bond in recent months, and was moved, reiterating the need to return to her son. Nostalgia and the desire to spend Christmas with Nathan Falco pushed Elizabeth to make a decision in the face of which she does not seem willing to go back. Its release could take place on 4 or 7 December.

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