Bronchiolitis: what it is, how it is treated and what are the risks

Bronchiolitis: what it is, how it is treated and what are the risks

This episode of “Daily Health Pills” explains what bronchiolitis is, how to behave and what risks there are for younger children

Bronchiolitis is a situation that, especially in children who are less than one year old, can create disorders that must always be addressed with the pediatrician and in some cases they can be serious.

What is bronchiolitis and how is it treated

Usually, bronchiolitis is caused by widespread viruses and little danger to the older ones. There are no specific treatments for bronchiolitis, although there are indications for general treatment of what are the symptoms, such as fever and cough.

Symptoms of bronchiolitis

At home, the most important thing to check is the baby’s breathing. See if he is breathing very fast or if there are indentations under the chest. The pediatrician will explain what to do and what to observe. Also check the behavior of the child. It is true that if he is not well, he may be less lively than usual. Try to understand if he behaves normally from a food point of view.

How do you get infected with the virus

The virus that most commonly causes bronchiolitis is the respiratory syncytial virus, although other viruses can cause this inflammation of the smallest part of the bronchi. The virus spreads easily from person to person.

When someone with the virus coughs and sneezes, they release tiny particles that contain the virus into the air. If these particles are breathed in or fall into your eyes, you can be infected. The same thing happens if you touch objects on which these particles have recently deposited and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes, you can be infected.

How to prevent bronchiolitis

To reduce the risks, mothers must pay attention to indirect contact with the child, precisely because of the way in which the virus is transmitted. Therefore, always wash your hands before holding the baby and invite others to do the same. And ask those who sneeze or cough not to go near the baby and always put their hands or elbow in front of their mouth.

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