But are the others really so articulate? No, they use the piledriver move!


Have you ever heard of the piledriver? It is an intimate position with which to achieve maximum results with very little effort!

Movies, TV series and even adult content show us very often now scenes particularly curious.


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No, we’re not just talking about the sheer [email protected] act, which itself is always curious to see on screen (how do they do it? How do they do it? How do they manage to do it for so long?).
Today we decided to tell you about a position that can be particularly exciting to try: what do you say, would you like to find out what it is?

The piledriver: how to do (and how not to) this position

Often, when you see a scene in a particularly intense film, you may have to lay your eyes on a “piledriver“.


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This intimate position is one of the most difficult to perform, particularly curious to see and, according to the experts, neither too pleasant once you try it.
The reason is easy to say: the piledriver is a position that can require a lot of physical prowess, both to get into it and to maintain it.
But then why do it and, above all, are they really all so articulated?

The point is that it can be Very sensual (if you know how to do it) and then absolutely not, they are not all that articulated.
But let’s start from the basics: what is the piledriver?

Get into position

The piledriver it is that position in which the woman or the receiving partner lies down with her back on the ground and raises her legs, bringing her knees close to her ears.
The partner who penetrates, on the other hand, positions himself with his legs slightly apart behind his partner and “sits” on him, keeping balanceobviously!

You are under stress because you are completely “foldedbackwards, with contracted muscles. Your partner, on the other hand, has to stay tense because he certainly can’t sit on you.
In short: it is a position not for the faint of heart!
You certainly thought you had seen all kinds of them when we recommended it position of the pinball machine or that of the triceratops: the piledriver, however, is even more curious, isn’t it?

But is a piledriver necessarily a contortionist?

The answer, of course, is no.
This position, despite it being very difficult from reachit is a must try at least once in a lifetime!
Here, however, the donkey falls (as they say): how do others do it and, above all, do you have to have a circus training behind you to do it?

In reality this position must be done with a lot calm And calm: it is certainly not a position to try in the whirlwind of passion!
(Exactly as the position of the pretzel: do it only if you have time!).

Let’s start with the recommendations, especially for those who are lying down: if you feel too much weight on your legs, back or neck don’t do this position.
There’s no point in defying the law of gravity and putting your health at risk for an intimate position: trust us, it’s never worth it!
You can help yourself in doing this pose by placing yourself on the ground near a wall. In this way the partner who penetrates can lean with his hands, without weighing too much on you (and on his knees).
Whoever is lying down can then place a cushion behind there headin order to have support on which to lean, if you can, also for good shoulders.
While in position, you can also try support the your feet on Wallin order to bend as much as possible but with a support.
Most people use a base to rest on either their knees or the soles of their feet (when they can bend so much).

That’s why doing the piledrive seems so simple when the beware out!
Always be careful with this position but if you try it, let us know how it goes!

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