Camila Raznovich tells about herself: her difficult childhood, her daughters and her future husband

Camila Raznovich

Guest at "Today is another day", Camila Raznovich talks about her childhood in the communes and reveals something about her private life

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

The appointment with Today is another day is renewed, the afternoon Rai1 show hosted by Serena Bortone, who welcomes very interesting guests to the studio at each episode. This time it's the turn of Camila Raznovich, a beloved TV presenter who has decided to talk about herself with an open heart.

Serena Bortone, connected from home where she has been in isolation since she tested positive for Coronavirus, was able to conduct a splendid interview. Also thanks to the beautiful relationship that binds her to Camila, a friendship that has its roots in the past. And this is why Raznovich had no problem in telling herself in the round, returning to very delicate topics such as her difficult childhood.

Born in Milan of Argentine parents (with a father of Russian-Jewish origins and a mother of Italian origins), she spent the first years of her life traveling around the world, especially between India and England. As a child, Camila grew up in a community whose guru was Osho: "I lived there when I was little, until I was 10" – she said – "We were a group of international boys, the common language was English. We were thirty, forty kids walking around barefoot making a mess in Poona ”.

Raznovich has many happy memories of that period, although her life was certainly not easy: "Sometimes it seems a miracle that I am here to tell it, with all the madness we have done". Then, at the age of 10, her parents decided to send her to England, where a community intended only for children had recently been created ("We were about 300, all from zero to 19, there were only 7 adults for administrative matters "). This proved to be a very difficult experience, because although she was still a child she found herself having enormous responsibilities – even, she had to take care of three younger children than her.

“I was there for four months, I cried every night” – revealed Camila Raznovich. And for her it was a testing ground: "When you don't have an alternative, you adapt and survive. This is why I know that today I can always get up ”. Another painful event also hides in his past. When she was 8, on vacation with her family, she was harassed by a friend of her parents. At the time he had decided not to talk about it with his parents: "I thought: 'If I tell my mom, she'll kill him and go to jail'".

During the interview, Camila then told something more about her private life, starting with the relationship she has with her beautiful children. From her relationship with the architect Eugenio Campari, the presenter had two daughters, Viola and Sole. "I am quite mediocre as a mother, however much I try to do this so difficult job" – she confided – "They are the real teachers , they put you in front of all your limits. I am the largest mirror. It is the best adventure of my life ".

Finally, Raznovich spoke of her future wedding: she has long been happily engaged to the French businessman Loic Fleury, who will soon become her husband. “It took me four seconds to fall in love with him” – said the presenter – “He invited me to dance and when he placed his hand on my back I was in love. It embarrassed me, which is very difficult, and maybe that's why I fell in love ”.

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