Camu camu berries: what they are and why they are good for you

Camu camu berries: what they are and why they are good for you

Camu-camu is a fruit from the Brazilian and Peruvian rainforest and its berries are known above all for their high content of vitamin C

Camu-camu is a very acidic fruit and, although it is widely used in cooking, it can only be appreciated in recipes where sugar is added. Camu-camu berries are an important ingredient for the preparation of ice creams, juices and sweets but they are often contained in Vitamin C supplements. The camu-camu fruit is known for its high content of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant also able to prevent DNA damage by free radicals.

In nature, there are no other foods as rich in Vitamin C as camu-camu, just think that its berries have a Vitamin C content 50 times higher than that of oranges. The camu-camu fruit, however, is not only a concentrate of ascorbic acid but has many other nutrients, such as numerous flavonoids and the amino acids laucine, valine and serine. From this it follows that this fruit has many properties.
First of all, camu-camu berries are powerful antivirals because they help the body to counteract the viruses that attack the immune system. They also have excellent anti-arthritic virtues: they not only reduce inflammation but also help soothe the pain associated with arthritis.

Another very important property of camu-camu berries is linked to the prevention of arteriosclerosis as the nutrients contained in them inhibit the formation of plaques at the level of the arteries. Among other benefits, it is important to mention its anti-depressant, hepato-protective, liver detoxifying, anti-ulcerative and anti-herpes action. Camouflage berries are also an excellent remedy for gum inflammation.
But camu-camu is also a very useful food in the prevention of cataracts and its high content of Vitamin C seems to perform important protective functions against glaucoma.

Ascorbic acid, however, is believed to be a valuable aid also against neurodegenerative brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's and dementia. Some subjects – after drinking the juice of the camu-camu fruit – showed greater mental clarity.
Furthermore, recent studies have shown that these berries also have anti-mutagenic properties, that is, they could hinder the genetic mutations underlying the development of many tumors.

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