Can't you lose weight? The fault is a day of the week and a personal trainer says it

Can't you lose weight? The fault is a day of the week and a personal trainer says it

The weekend represents the black hole of diets. A personal trainer revealed the solution to the most common problem

Follow a strict diet four days a week and then throw everything away on Friday. Here is the secret to staying fit and eating what we like.

The summer holidays have now passed and for many it is time for promises and commitments made with one's own body. There are those who let themselves go incredibly at the table during the warm months and now intend to get back on track. Others, on the other hand, will only continue the journey undertaken some time ago. Finally, there are those who decide to make a real breakthrough in terms of line. To be precise, however, most new members of the gym will only show up in the room sometime during the first month, only to return to "healthy" armchair habits.

Everyone is free to choose the body they prefer, but what happens when you try everything to get a body result that doesn't seem reachable? In fact, many do nothing but eat healthy, respect the count of calories consumed and do physical activity. At the same time, however, weight loss is not what one would expect.

The real problem is given by the weekend, starting on Friday. Stay on the right tracks from Monday to Thursday, then relax and indulge in a few vices. A sort of prize, which however quickly succeeds in sending all the work done to the air.

Punctually we find ourselves on the sofa on Sunday afternoon, with a stomach that grumbles after almost three days of food and alcohol in large quantities. In mint only one thought, that vague promise to resume the "straight way" starting Monday. For some this is a vain hope but others succeed. There are those on Monday who find the strength to start from scratch but that's the point. If the weekend prize reaches such devastating levels, on Monday you will never be able to find someone of the progress made the previous week.

The answer to this dramatic situation, which forces many to find themselves in a never-ending vicious circle, was provided by Sam Altieri, a well-known NASM certified personal trainer, who created a diagram to show how harmful it is to limit yourself in everything and for everyone from the Monday to Thursday: "Instead of eating very little in the first four days of the week, and then devouring everything from Friday to Sunday, I suggest dividing your daily diet between 80% of healthy food and 20% of tasty food".

A healthy way to keep your uncontrollable hunger in check, succeeding in the long run to find a healthy balance between the foods that are good for our body and those that we really feel the need to eat.

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