Cardio kick: trains the whole body with kicks and punches – Video

Cardio kick: trains the whole body with kicks and punches - Video

Are you looking for a workout that combines aerobic activity and muscle toning? Try cardio kick, the workout developed by Silvia Mazzonipersonal trainer of New Gym by Marconi in Segrate (Milan). «This is a medium-high intensity total body cardiovascular training. Inspired by the movements of kickboxing, it mimics the execution of punches and kicks and is suitable for everyone because it does not involve jumps or planks, which can put at risk the joints, knees, wrists and ankles. Furthermore, the cardio kick is also useful for training the breath », comments the trainer.

How to prove it

“You can run program cardio kick every day, combining it with anaerobic training that involves the use of weights, dumbbells or machines, or you can repeat it on your own, even for about 3-4 times if you feel like it “, continues Mazzoni. Before getting to work, however, warm up well with 5-10 minutes of running on the spot and some stretching exercises dedicated to both the upper and lower parts of the body, to be performed also at the end of the program.

Watch the video!

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