Carol Alt turns 60. And still as beautiful as in the 1980s

Carol Alt turns 60. And still as beautiful as in the 1980s

Carol Alt turns 60 and is still as beautiful as when she made Italians dream in the 80s and 90s

Carol Alt, the erotic dream of the Italians between the 80s and 90s has turned 60. Born in New York on December 1, 1960, discovered at the age of 18 while working as a waitress on Long Island, she began modeling in the early 1980s, becoming famous in 1982 by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, although her first a great success will be a cover of Harper's Bazaar in 1986. In the eighties she appeared on more than 500 covers, becoming one of the most famous models of her generation.

But it was above all in Italy, thanks to the Vanzina brothers and some commercial films that Carol became the erotic dream of Italians in those years. Via Montenapoleone (1986), photograph of the “Milan to drink” of those years, My first 40 years (1987) in which he interpreted the libertine life of Marina Ripa di Meana. And again Billions in 1991 but also Bye Bye baby (1988) and the 1990s, in 1993, directed by Oldoini, crowned her as the queen of commercial films and an icon of unattainable and dreamed beauty.

With her kilometer-long legs, her gorgeous long, full-bodied hair, her 400-tooth smile, her ice blue eyes, Carol was the model of perfection for women and the most loved and revered by men. Her beauty was perfect, but also clean and reassuring.

Over the years Carol has moved away from the big and small screen, especially in Italy, going to live in the US and returning under the spotlight for sporadic episodes, such as her participation in Dancing with the stars, in 2009. But she has always remained in the spotlight. heart of her fans, so much so that she is very active on social networks, also and above all to carry on her message of "healty lifestyle", based on a life made of healthy and controlled nutrition and daily training. In particular, Carol has become a world ambassador of "raw food" which has helped her to maintain a perfect body over the years.

Today, at 60, Carol is as beautiful (if not more) as she was then. And at the dawn of "its first 60 years" it continues to be a dream for men and women.

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