Caterina Balivo, Kledi confesses about Maria De Filippi at Come from Me

Caterina Balivo, Kledi confesses about Maria De Filippi at Come from Me

Kledi reveals how things are between him and Maria De Filippi and belies the flirtation with Rossella Brescia. Caterina Balivo takes advantage of it and goes wild with ballet

Caterina Balivo, Come to me 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo hosts in Vieni da Me Kledi Kadiu, a historical dancer of Amici.

The presenter submits it to the game Who do you prefer ?, immediately putting it to the fore. Kledi, who is 45 today, must choose between Rossella Brescia and Lorella Cuccarini. A dilemma not just because they are both great professionals.

The dancer remembers that however with Brescia he has had the opportunity to work many times: “With Rossella Brescia I danced a lot and for many years. They were the most beautiful Sundays ". Not surprisingly, Rossella wanted to pay homage to him with a tender video message. Between the two there has always been a great understanding, to the point that it was rumored of a flirtation. But they were just misunderstandings.

In Kledi's professional life, however, another woman has a fundamental place: Maria De Filippi. Suffice it to say that the dancer has danced at Amici for 15 years, from 2001 to 2016. And of course the usual well-informed spoke of a love affair between the two. Finally, Kledi has the opportunity to tell the truth about the relationship with Queen Mary: "They say he had a story with her. We laugh together, but she was my talent scout ".

The Albanian dancer has only words of affection and respect for De Filippi, but between them there was no personal involvement: "She is the person who gave me confidence, respect, she is a generous woman. He smells, is precise and fussy ".

After Beppe Convertini, at this point the Balivo could not miss the opportunity to jump into two steps with the handsome dancer with a lot of final casqué.

The beautiful Caterina as always has enchanted the public with her look: black t-shirt, longuette with large fuchsia roses, sparkling shoes and bright circle. Fans on Instagram are in raptures and compare it to Evita Perón. Mind Elisa Isoardi comments: "Bonaz!"

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