Caterina Balivo swallowed with the fasting diet. And on Instagram, it's beautiful

Caterina Balivo swallowed with the fasting diet. And on Instagram, it's beautiful

Caterina Balivo justifies her choice to follow the mimic fasting diet for 5 days. He points out that it is not for weight loss and on Instagram it is amazing

Caterina Balivo is at work for the new season of Vieni da Me and prepares herself with a special diet: fasting mime.

On Instagram the Neapolitan presenter reveals the menu: among tomato and mushroom soups, algae and olives based snacks. But he suffers from hunger and in the stories he calls himself "inguaiata" for this restricted diet that luckily lasts only five days. But giving up carbohydrates is a really big sacrifice for her who loves pasta.

La Balivo is keen to point out that it is not a slimming diet and repeats it several times, but has decided to follow this menu for its beneficial and purifying effects. But it was enough to reveal on the social networks the anti-cancer properties of the mimic fasting to agitate some fans who got upset about the health of the beautiful Caterina.

In reality, there is nothing alarming about the choice of the presenter to undertake the Valter Longo diet. She explains it on Instagram, claiming to have interviewed him last year and convinced of the effectiveness of her diet she decided to follow him.

And dispelling any doubts about his state of health, on the social networks the Balivo shares photos where it is amazing while, sun-kissed, wearing a one-shoulder dress that is 10 years old. Catherine writes:

I still dream? Unbelievable but I can only dream of imagining my children as grown-ups with my husband next to us while we look at each other, accomplices, hoping to have done a good job.

Followers are enchanted by its beauty and write:

Dear Caterina, I appreciate you very much because your beauty is simple and natural, for her lips that are still normal and the adorable little lines around her eyes … Please, at least she stays that way!

While a mother shares her experience:

There was a time when I also dreamed of being part of that world, but … I didn't believe in me … and the bad thing is that I'm still doing it … looking at raising my children all by myself, xké nn I was not even able to choose the right person to do it .. but I know I did it right … of a thousand problems I know I am a good mother … and I am happy to see people who, like you, have managed to crown their dreams .. Caterina Caterina ..

Caterina Balivo – Source: Instagram

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