Cellulite, the slimming effects of the onion

Diuretic, low in calories and anti-diabetes: the onion is a mine of well-being and the perfect ally against cellulite

The 7 foods rich in potassium against cellulite

The best natural anti-cellulite? Onion! The more you eat it, the more you lose weight, defeating the hated orange peel.

Often eliminated wrongly from the table because it is considered less digestible, the onion is the perfect ally to say goodbye to cellulite, fighting this imperfection from the inside. Its therapeutic properties are endless and do not stop at beauty, but involve the well-being of the whole body. This food is rich in minerals and vitamins, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur and magnesium. Promotes digestion thanks to some ferments, stimulates the metabolism, plays an anti-diabetic function, but above all stimulates diuresis.

Diuretic and laxative, the onion is ideal to get back into shape with taste and to combat nervous hunger, since it reduces the glycemic index of the foods with which it is consumed. Not only: it balances the bacterial flora and improves intestinal transit. You can eat it either cooked or raw at will, as 100 grams of product contain just 28 calories.

How to eat it to say goodbye to cellulite? For a direct action on the orange peel, boil some onion. The secret is to add half a glass of milk to the cooking water to make this food more digestible and eliminate unpleasant odors.

When cooked, eat the onion seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and spices. The result will surprise you: the substances contained in this food-drug in fact carry out a sort of internal massage in our body, helping us to drain liquids, dissolve fat pads and lose weight. To make the detox action of the onion even more effective you can drink the remaining cooking water.

Versatile and delicious, onions are ideal for preparing lots of dishes. Enjoy them in the form of soup, to strengthen the immune system during the winter and prevent the flu, or in the oven, for a super light dinner. They are excellent both sweet and sour, in the form of jam or sauce for pasta and rice. They marry beautifully with potatoes, with tomatoes, with courgettes, aubergines and peppers. They are excellent as a condiment for meat and fish, both for lunch and dinner.

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