Change your breakfast style and start losing weight!

Change your breakfast style and start losing weight!

Changing your breakfast style can be the first step in losing weight. Find out how to act to get the perfect line without sacrificing taste.

Whether you are part of the “breakfast lovers” team or those who disdain it, few things change. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day as well as the one that can mark the progress of your diet in a very important way.

breakfast to lose weight

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If not doing it leads to a slower metabolism and a poor ability to control oneself in subsequent meals, doing it wrong can lead to weight gain or to increase the need for sugar to maintain concentration. The truth is that breakfast should be treated in detail. Only in this way, in fact, can you hope for a result that is gratifying and lasting over time. For this reason, today we will show you the mistakes you should never make and the basic rules for a breakfast that is suitable for maintaining your healthy weight or for weight loss.

The right breakfast to lose weight: the things to never do again and those to start immediately

Let’s start talking about the negative aspects of your breakfast. And remember that it also concerns you and above all if you don’t usually do it.

breakfast lose weight

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In fact, drinking a coffee on the fly is highly discouraged, at least as much as going to the bar and ordering a coffee with cappuccino. But let’s go in order and see the points to keep in mind to build your perfect breakfast and able to make you lose weight.

Never skip breakfast again

First rule, as already mentioned, is to never skip breakfast again. This must be there, even if you are not hungry or if you are in a hurry. You can opt for something light to beef up with a snack (although a nutritious breakfast would be better) or to prepare everything the night before so you don’t waste time in the morning. What matters is that your breakfast is there and that it makes a difference.

Do it, in fact, it will help you wake up your metabolism, to recharge your batteries and to arrive at the following meals with greater awareness. And above all, with the ability to control what you eat. In fact, several studies show that those who skip breakfast end up feeling the need for more fatty and sugary foods, thus nullifying their diet. And all when it would be enough to start the day on the right foot.

Avoid brioche and cappuccino at the bar

If you are a lover of brioche and cappuccino, the bad news is that you should avoid them. It is in fact an unbalanced breakfast that after a few hours makes you feel more hungry than before. This happens because the sugar load is not balanced by the good proteins or fats and spikes the blood sugar which sets the insulin in motion and makes you hungry.

If you really feel the need to have your first meal at the bar, opt for a different breakfast. Nowadays there are many who also offer yogurt or fresh omelettes. And if every now and then you really want to take the whim off, opt for a sugar-free soy cappuccino and a small wholemeal and possibly not filled brioche.

Not abusing milk and cereals and similar breakfasts is one of the secrets to a weight loss breakfast

Another myth to dispel is that of the classic cup of milk with cereals. Also in this case the breakfast is in fact unbalanced. To this are added the rusks with the veil of jam. Once again, protein is missing. If you really can’t do without cereals, eat them with Greek yogurt and dried fruit.

And opt for wholemeal rusks to be enriched not only with jam (better the homemade one without sugar) but also with yogurt. This way you will feel more energized and full and during the day you will notice the difference compared to before.

Always choose balanced meals

Breakfast should be balanced and contain carbohydrates from whole grains and fruits, lean proteins and good fats. Maybe at first it will seem difficult to set one up but the truth is that there are many that can make a difference and that once you try you will never want to change. Do you want some examples?

  • Bitter coffee with wholemeal bread and ricotta with chopped nuts
  • Avocado toast
  • Sugar-free Greek yogurt with whole grains (or fruit) and dried fruit
  • Toast with double filling and sugar-free orange juice
  • Protein pancake and soy cappuccino
  • Wholemeal bread with Greek yogurt and sugar-free jam
  • Oat porridge with soy milk and dried fruit

These are just some examples of a balanced breakfast and as you may have noticed they are quite inviting and, above all, not at all difficult to make.

Always supplement with snacks

Breakfast also includes a supplementary snack. If for the first time you just can’t make a substantial one, you can follow the examples indicated above by moderating the quantities and bring with you a snack (always balanced) to have during the morning.

This can be a sugar-free yogurt with a handful of nuts, a small wholemeal sandwich with turkey ham, or a slice of wholemeal bread with sugar-free peanut cream and sugar-free jam. For small snacks, the classic handful of dried fruit also applies which helps keep blood sugar stable and satiate with little. Gradually, you will be able to expand your breakfast more and more until you wonder how you managed to live without it for so many years.

Now that you understand what the mistakes and tricks are for a breakfast that can make you lose weight, you will just have to learn to practice as much as possible to start seeing results. And if you are in a stalemate, these are the foods to include in your breakfast.

Of course, breakfast alone can’t work miracles, which is why you’ll need to balance your other meals well and get the right amount of physical activity. If you have different weight to lose or you are completely foreign to proper nutrition, the advice is instead to contact a nutritionist which, in addition to making you lose weight, will teach you to eat correctly and best suited to your tastes and lifestyle.

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