Charlene, a great absentee at the celebrations of Charlotte Casiraghi for her 35

Charlene, a great absentee at the celebrations of Charlotte Casiraghi for her 35

Charlene of Monaco, still stuck in South Africa, made her absence weigh even for the 35 years of Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi, unsurpassed class: steals the show from her mother Carolina

Charlotte Casiraghi blew out 35 candles: the second child of Carolina of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi, born in Monte Carlo on August 3, 1986, celebrated her birthday with an escape to Sicily with her family. But Charlene, still stuck in South Africa, took care of disturbing the festive air.

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Charlotte, who chose to move away from the Principality of Monaco and devote herself to a life in contact with nature in the countryside near Paris, was paparazzi by Chi in a boat, off Pantelleria, where her husband's mother, the film producer Dimitri Rassam, lives and produces passito. Together with her, her son Raphael, whom Charlotte had with Gad Elmaleh, and Darya, Dimitri's first daughter, had by his ex-wife Masha Novoselova. Only Balthazar, son of Charlotte and Dimitri, the youngest of the house, remained with his paternal grandmother on the island was missing.

It does not seem accidental that he chose to spend his 35th birthday away from the Principality, in a moment of great turmoil for the Royal Family. Although Princess Charlene and Albert are doing their utmost to dispel the rumors of their impending divorce, the marital crisis appears to be closer than ever. Many are convinced that this is something temporary, because the former swimmer could never leave her beloved children Jacques and Gabriella.

Yet many see in this prolonged separation the signal of a deep rift with Prince Albert: the couple has not appeared in public together since January. But there's more: during the Princess's long hospitalization – who would have been stuck in her country of origin due to some health problems to be solved – her husband only visited her once with the children. In the meantime, the few words arrived from the Palace have left the royal commentators skeptical, and it seems that the Grimaldi family – including Charlotte – are increasingly isolating the Princess, shielding themselves instead around Alberto.

Certainly Charlene seems to have launched a clear message: on her Instagram profile there was no reference to the birthday of her niece Charlotte and not even the shadow of a wish. This gesture could confirm the theory that the cause of the Princess's loosening – as many have pointed out – is not of a marital nature: it would have been the tensions with the Grimaldi family that made Charlene flee.

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