Charlene of Monaco in crisis with Alberto, the Russian tycoon appears

Charlene di Monaco Alberto Monaco

Charlene of Monaco would have been helped by Vladimi Doronin, former of Naomi Campbell, to face the crisis with Alberto

Charlotte Casiraghi, a fairy tale in gold. And Charlene’s children are moved

Charlene of Monaco, who is in a secret place to recover from the disease, not only can count on the support of her husband Alberto but also apparently on that of a Russian millionaire, Vladimir Doronin, former partner of Naomi Campbell.

Charlene of Monaco is currently hospitalized in a long-term hospital, probably in Switzerland to recover from the severe throat, ear and nose infection that forced her to stay in South Africa for months, from May to early November.

Charlene of Monaco, the relationship with Vladimir Doronin

But despite Alberto’s statements, it has been suggested that Charlene of Monaco can count on the help and support of the Russian tycoon, Vladimir Doronin, especially at a time when things are not going well between the former swimmer and the Prince.

To report the news is the Sun which has published some indiscretions of a source close to the couple. “The story is very complex and confusing, but Charlene and Vlad have been in contact and have spent time together”.

Charlene of Monaco, the crisis with Alberto

The insider, contradicting Albert of Monaco, speaks of a marital crisis between Charlene and the Prince, such that she would have found comfort in Doronin. “It seems that she has found some help in him recently, in dealing with his marriage problems. They have known each other for a while and Vlad was at his wedding accompanied by Naomi “.

Charlene of Monaco, the necessary hospitalization

Immediately after her return to Monaco, the Palace released a statement saying the Princess was in trouble and would not be attending the National Day or any public event. Alberto, in a recent interview with People, specified that his wife does not have a tumor, does not have Covid and that his problems are not a consequence of plastic surgery.

Charlene was hospitalized because she was debilitated, did not sleep well and no longer ate, losing a lot of weight. Her debilitated condition would have exposed her to serious risks, hence her shared decision to be followed by a medical team.

Albert of Monaco denies the crisis with Charlene

Alberto then insisted that there is no marital problem between him and his wife, their momentary separation is only due to the Princess’s precarious health conditions. Her husband, as he has done in recent months, will take care of the Principality alone and of the children, Jacques and Gabriella who miss their mother very much.

So the Prince clarified: “These are not internal problems in our relationship, they have nothing to do with the relationship between husband and wife”. Words that however did not serve to silence the rumors of divorce.

In the same interview Alberto also clarified that the decision to admit was shared with Charlene herself, convinced that she needed medical help. Upon returning from her trip to Dubai, the Prince explained: “I sat her down with her brothers and a sister-in-law. He had already made his decision and we just wanted him to confirm it in front of us. He wanted this. He already knew that the best thing to do was to go to rest and have real structured medical treatment. And not in Munich for privacy reasons “.

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