Charlene of Monaco returns to the Palace: there is the date

Charlene from Monaco is at home: new look and new dog.  Alberto is with her

Charlene of Monaco has a hope of anticipating the return home for the birthday of her children, Jacques and Gabriella

Charlotte Casiraghi, a fairy tale in gold. And Charlene’s children are moved

Charlene of Monaco could go home sooner than expected. In fact, on 10 December the Princess could significantly appear in Monte Carlo. And this is not just any day.

Charlene of Monaco, when and why she returns to the Palace

Charlene of Monaco could leave the clinic in which she is admitted early to recover from the serious infection that struck her and which seems to have led her to an addiction to sleeping pills because she could no longer sleep well. In addition to eating, Alberto’s wife was in fact forced to eat liquid food, hence her weight loss.

Thus, Charlene could return to Monaco on December 10, the birthday of her children, Jacques and Gabriella, who turn 7. The twins started school last September, but in November Alberto and his wife decided to withdraw them and educate them at the Palazzo to better prepare them for the role they will assume in the Principality and also to protect them from media attention.

The children suffer greatly from missing their mothers and so Charlene, who is probably in Switzerland, should return to spend her birthday with them.

Charlene of Monaco, as she is now

This return apparently will not be definitive, the Princess will continue her rehabilitation path in the clinic. According to Alberto’s words, Charlene is deeply debilitated in body and mind. For this he needs calm and absolute rest to recover completely.

According to sources close to the Palazzo, Alberto is doing everything possible for his wife to recover. It seems that the treatments in the exclusive structure where Charlene is hospitalized cost him 300 thousand euros a month. Treatments that should continue until Christmas. In fact, according to the latest rumors, the Princess is preparing to spend Christmas away from her family. Her husband and children will be engaged in public ceremonies and therefore it is unlikely that they will be able to visit Charlene on Christmas Day.

For this reason, her return on 10 December, even if for one or two days, would be a cure-all for both the former swimmer and her children who, at least on their birthday, will be able to be together with their mother.

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