Charlotte Casiraghi's summer: the Italian holidays with her husband and the possible third pregnancy

Charlotte Casiraghi's summer: the Italian holidays with her husband and the possible third pregnancy

The Monegasque heiress was photographed in Pantelleria with a suspicious belly that immediately made people talk about a new stork

Charlotte Casiraghi is having a special summer. The beautiful daughter of Carolina of Monaco has just turned 34 and in June she celebrated her first wedding anniversary with Dimitri Rassam.

The couple – who welcomed their son Balthazar, the second for Charlotte in October 2018 – are spending their holidays in a beautiful location: the island of Pantelleria. The wonderful second child of Carolina of Monaco and her husband love this wild corner of Sicily very much. Here Carole Bouquet, Dimitri's mother and famous actress, owns a house.

In 2018, in Pantelleria Charlotte was photographed with Balthazar's belly running out and wearing a beautiful one-piece swimsuit that immediately set the trend (Grace Kelly's granddaughter is a style icon). According to some photos that appeared in the weekly Closer, the summer of 2020 could be that of the third pregnancy (Charlotte is also the mother of Raphael, born in 2015 from the relationship with the actor Gad Elmaleh).

The tabloid has in fact published shots of the gorgeous 34-year-old with a floral dress in purple tones and a florid belly. As already mentioned, the gossip related to a new pregnancy for Carolina of Monaco's daughter immediately started.

In order to have confirmation, in case, we will have to wait a bit. Charlotte Casiraghi, in fact, has always been very discreet about her motherhood. Confidentiality is generally part of his approach to life: to realize it, just remember that it is not present on social networks.

With a beauty that is a perfect mix between her mother and the unforgettable grandmother, she has written a book of philosophy and, whenever she appears in public or is photographed in moments that have nothing to do with official events, she is capable of to be talked about. Even in the case of the recent shots in Pantelleria it happened.

These photos, which arrive just over 10 days after his birthday, also rekindle the spotlight on the relationship with Dimitri, a film producer. In recent months, the French press had talked about a couple crisis and acute tensions during the time they spent together in the country house of Barbizon, with Rassam sad about the distance from the eldest daughter Darya, born from her relationship with Masha Novoselova.

Now, as mentioned above, all that remains is to wait to see if the rumors of a new stork for him and Charlotte are founded and to find out the future of their union.

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