Chiara Ferragni and Fedez: the detail that triggers the (absurd) rumors of crisis


The most beloved couple of social networks is at the center of speculation regarding their alleged crisis: at the base of the rumors some details that have not escaped the fans

Chiara Ferragni, the transparent tulle dress is a fairy tale

Chiara Ferragni, the transparent tulle dress is a fairy tale

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are always in the spotlight and have accustomed the fans to be involved in every single moment of their life, from the happiest to the most complicated. On Instagram first and then in the documentary they showed moments of everyday life alternating with worldly life, difficulties and joys. This may be why their followers are so attentive to the smallest detail that concerns them, ready to notice any detail that may go beyond the usual behavior of the couple.

In fact, it was enough that for a day the two did not appear together or commented each other on the posts to unleash the doubt that underneath there was something wrong. To further confirm their suspicions, Ferragnez fans have found a clue that they say is unequivocal. We explain what happened.

Fedez without faith: the detail that sends fans into a tailspin

It all began when some users noticed that Chiara Ferragni and Fedez had not exchanged likes for more than a day on their respective posts on Instagram. On 11 January in their stories the digital entrepreneur and the rapper appeared with their children but always at different times, without one being present in the videos of the other.

The third clue, which for many was equivalent to a test, was the one that “unleashed hell” (as Massimo Decimo Meridio, aka Russell Crowe’s Gladiator, would say): in some stories Fedez did not wear faith. That was enough to make the hashtag #Ferragnez jump to the top of the Twitter trend topics, with thousands of comments, between the serious and the facetious, on a possible crisis of the most loved couple of social networks.

Ferragnez in crisis, Fedez’s “answer”

It goes without saying that the hypothesis is completely far-fetched. First of all because it is evident from the stories of both that the two found themselves at home together (as shown by the photos of Vittoria struggling with a fruit homogenized not really appreciated). Even the detail of faith is of little consequence, if we analyze things clearly: millions of people around the world take off the wedding ring in some moments, even if only to wash their hands.

So what were considered worthy proofs of the best Sherlock Holmes turned out to be completely unfounded allegations. Or maybe, beyond faith, which seems to us a small detail, we can also take into account that the two may have quarreled like any couple in this world and that they may have ignored each other for a few hours before making peace again. Nothing that hasn’t already happened, as shown in the documentary about them or as it happened this summer, when photos of their furious quarrel on a boat with the crying digital entrepreneur were published on Who. Family matters, he later explained. And the story ended there.

The rumors of the last few hours have been silenced by a subsequent photo published by Fedez always in his stories that shows his hand on the pillow of their double bed close to that of Chiara, complete with a tag to his wife and emoji of the heart. Clearer than that.

Fedez Instagram

The photo published by Fedez on Instagram that silences the rumors of the crisis

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