Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil: Soon-to-be Parents

Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil soon parents

In a heartwarming announcement on Mother’s Day, the delightful couple, Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil, shared the joyous news of their impending parenthood via Instagram. The lovebirds are not only expecting a bundle of joy but are also radiating with happiness.

The Second Time Fatherhood Beckons

Riccardo Pozzoli, renowned entrepreneur and former flame of Chiara Ferragni, is about to embrace fatherhood for the second time. His beloved wife, Gabrielle Caunesil, is gracing their lives with the gift of a new addition to the family, following the birth of their son Romeo in November 2021. The couple chose to announce this heartwarming news through a romantic video shared on their social media platforms.

A Joyous Revelation

The video begins with the words, “We have something to tell you,” setting the stage for the big reveal. Gabrielle, the French model, is now expecting for the second time, although the gender of their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy remains a delightful mystery. As the gentle notes of the song “To Build a Home” fill the air, Gabrielle proudly displays her baby bump. The setting is enchanting, with a backdrop reminiscent of a campaign, and the couple, dressed in pristine white, takes center stage. Gabrielle playfully captions the moment with, “It was difficult to keep the secret.”

A Chapter in Chiara Ferragni’s Life

Gabrielle Caunesil , wife of Riccardo Pozzoli


Before his current marriage, Riccardo Pozzoli shared a significant chapter of his life with Chiara Ferragni. They were engaged for an extended period, with Ferragni later marrying Fedez, with whom she now shares two children, Leone and Vittoria. However, their relationship took a rocky turn in 2018 when it was revealed that Pozzoli attempted to sell 45% of her company, The Blonde Salad Crew, without her knowledge. This betrayal led to the irrevocable end of their romantic involvement.

The Ecstatic Expectant Parents

Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil are overflowing with happiness. This young couple, married since 2018, chose Mother’s Day as the perfect occasion to share the heartwarming news of their soon-to-be firstborn. In heartfelt posts on their respective Instagram accounts, they revealed this delightful surprise to their multitude of followers.

Embracing each other lovingly and holding an ultrasound image of their first child, they disclosed that they learned of the pregnancy in March, fittingly on Father’s Day. This revelation follows a series of negative pregnancy tests, making it all the more magical. Notably, last autumn, supermodel Gabrielle Caunesil candidly spoke about her struggles with fertility, particularly her battle with endometriosis. The emotional post from Riccardo Pozzoli reads, “Today is her day. After the pain and suffering, thanks to her strength and resilience, we are about to become parents. We discovered it on Father’s Day, and today, which is Mother’s Day, we are in the third month of waiting. A real magic.”

A Miraculous Moment

Gabrielle herself shared her journey, explaining that they learned of the pregnancy in March, precisely on Father’s Day. The Mother’s Day announcement was a momentous occasion for the French model, who had previously discussed her challenges with infertility and endometriosis on social media in late 2020. She shared her health-related struggles and her deep desire for motherhood, which she had not yet achieved. Gabrielle’s message to all women facing similar struggles is one of hope: “To all women who are struggling to get pregnant, cultivate hope because miracles happen. It was hard to keep this secret, we are over the moon.”

Riccardo Pozzoli’s Journey

Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil soon parents


Throughout his journey, Riccardo Pozzoli has been a notable figure in the entrepreneurial world. He co-founded The Blonde Salad, the blog that kick-started Chiara Ferragni’s influencer career more than a decade ago. However, over the years, his relationship with Ferragni faced turbulence, culminating in a bitter parting. His exit from the board of directors of Tbs Crew, a Ferragni company, left a lingering bitterness, an episode explored in the documentary film “Chiara Ferragni Unposted.”

Riccardo Pozzoli’s life continued to evolve as he ventured into founding startups and authored two books. It was during this phase of his life that he met Gabrielle and they tied the knot, first in Malibu in 2018 and then in Tuscany in 2019. Now, their family is on the brink of expansion, and the couple’s joy knows no bounds. Gabrielle and Riccardo are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their new addition, expected around November 2021, and thankfully, their past struggles are behind them.

A Sweet and Joyful Announcement

On Mother’s Day, Gabrielle Caunesil, wife of Riccardo Pozzoli, shared her pregnancy with the world, revealing the immense joy on Instagram. Her husband, Riccardo Pozzoli, has been a steadfast presence by her side throughout her journey, offering unwavering support. Riccardo’s previous romantic entanglement with Chiara Ferragni is well-documented, as is their business fallout, but his life has since moved in new and exciting directions.

As Gabrielle and Riccardo prepare to welcome their new addition, their happiness is palpable. This delightful announcement, made on the occasion of Mother’s Day, marks the end of suffering and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives—a chapter they are excited to share with the world.


In celebrating the impending arrival of their child, Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil have triumphed over past difficulties. Their journey has been one of resilience, hope, and unwavering support for one another. As they look forward to November 2021, they are a shining example of how love and determination can overcome even the most challenging obstacles.


  1. When is Gabrielle Caunesil’s due date? Gabrielle is expected to give birth around November 2021.
  2. What is Gabrielle Caunesil’s struggle with infertility? Gabrielle openly shared her battle with infertility and endometriosis on social media, highlighting her challenges in conceiving.
  3. What is Riccardo Pozzoli’s connection to Chiara Ferragni? Riccardo Pozzoli was engaged to Chiara Ferragni for an extended period before their relationship ended due to business disputes.
  4. How did Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil announce their pregnancy? The couple shared the delightful news through a heartwarming video on their Instagram accounts.
  5. What is the significance of the pregnancy announcement on Mother’s Day? The announcement on Mother’s Day added an extra layer of joy to the occasion, marking the end of past struggles and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their lives.