Is Inspector Montalbano Returning with New Episodes on TV? Here Are the Latest Updates

Inspector Montalbano Returning with New Episodes

For fans of Inspector Montalbano, the anticipation of new episodes is akin to waiting for the next thrilling chapter in their favorite book. The beloved Sicilian detective, created by the late Andrea Camilleri, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. But the burning question remains: will Inspector Montalbano make a comeback on television with fresh mysteries to solve? Let’s dive into the latest developments.

The Last Known Episode

Before we embark on the quest for new episodes, let’s revisit the last known installment. “The Catalanotti Method,” aired on March 8, 2021, brought viewers into the enigmatic world of Salvo Montalbano. In this gripping episode, Montalbano delves into the violent demise of Carmelo Catalanotti, a renowned theater director, usurer, and creator of a unique acting method. The circumstances surrounding the murder raise eyebrows, from the composure of the body to the minimal bloodshed. It was a tantalizing cliffhanger that left fans yearning for more.

Hopes Dashed or Still Alive?

last episode of Inspector Montalbano

Fast forward to the present, and the fate of Inspector Montalbano hangs in the balance. Rai, the Italian broadcasting company, has remained tight-lipped about the production of new episodes. With an already packed schedule of upcoming TV series, it appears that the immediate future may not hold fresh mysteries for Montalbano enthusiasts. This uncertainty has left fans eager for news but without concrete answers.

Luca Zingaretti’s Change of Heart

The landscape appeared even bleaker when Luca Zingaretti, the actor who portrayed Inspector Montalbano, initially expressed his desire to move on from the role after the episode “The Catalanotti Method.” It seemed like a definitive farewell to the character that had become synonymous with his name.

A Glimmer of Hope

However, on June 27, 2021, a glimmer of hope emerged. Palomar, the production company behind the series, confirmed that two more episodes were in the works to conclude the story. While initial reports suggested a possible release in 2022, subsequent updates have been scarce. The fate of these episodes, “The Cook of the Alcyon” and “Riccardino,” hangs in the balance, leaving fans in eager anticipation of their favorite detective’s return.

Potential Plots for New Episodes

Inspector Montalbano Returning with New Episodes

If these episodes do come to fruition, fans can expect riveting storylines. In “The Cook of the Alcyon,” Inspector Montalbano grapples with the suicide of a recently fired worker and the murder of a ruthless entrepreneur, both seemingly unrelated but hiding deeper connections. The mysterious schooner, the Alcyon, adds an intriguing layer to the mystery, setting the stage for Montalbano’s trademark wit and tenacity.

In “Riccardino,” Montalbano faces one last challenging case: a murder with seemingly clear evidence but hidden complexities. The victim is the young manager of the Vigatese branch of Banca Regionale, and the witnesses are three close friends of the deceased. As Montalbano digs deeper, he unravels a web of secrets that turn the case on its head.

The Young Inspector Montalbano

While the fate of these episodes remains uncertain, fans can find solace in “The Young Inspector Montalbano.” This series, based on Andrea Camilleri’s stories, is set to return to Rai Uno on July 3, 2023. It offers a unique opportunity to revisit the early years of Montalbano’s career and discover the origins of his legendary detective skills.

Viewers can catch reruns of both “The Young Inspector Montalbano” and the original series on the free RaiPlay platform, allowing them to relive the captivating mysteries and charismatic character that have made Inspector Montalbano an enduring favorite.


While the future of Inspector Montalbano’s adventures on TV remains uncertain, the legacy of this iconic character continues to captivate audiences. Whether through new episodes or revisiting past ones, the allure of the Sicilian detective endures, keeping fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in his enthralling journey.


  1. Are new episodes of Inspector Montalbano currently in production? As of now, there is no official confirmation of new episodes in production, and Rai has not provided concrete details.
  2. What was the last episode of Inspector Montalbano, and when did it air? The last known episode, “The Catalanotti Method,” aired on March 8, 2021.
  3. Why did Luca Zingaretti initially express his intention to leave the role of Inspector Montalbano? Luca Zingaretti had initially expressed his desire to move on from the role after the episode “The Catalanotti Method.”
  4. What can viewers expect from potential new episodes, “The Cook of the Alcyon” and “Riccardino”? If these episodes are produced, viewers can look forward to intricate mysteries, intriguing plot twists, and Montalbano’s trademark investigative skills.
  5. When will “The Young Inspector Montalbano” return to Rai Uno? “The Young Inspector Montalbano” is set to return on Monday, July 3, 2023, on Rai Uno.