Chiara Ferragni topless with the baby bump on Instagram: she is splendid

Chiara Ferragni topless with the baby bump on Instagram: she is splendid

The belly continues to grow, and Chiara Ferragni shows it with great pride

Chiara Ferragni, the second pregnancy on Instagram: the tummy, the happiness of Fedez and Leone

Chiara Ferragni continues to publish beautiful photos of her tummy, now more and more evident: her second social pregnancy is very popular with fans, and one of her latest shots is truly amazing.

From the day she finally revealed the happy news, Chiara Ferragni has never stopped sharing with her followers the beautiful photos of her tummy. At first it was only a slight hint, which gradually transformed into a soft belly, whose roundness became unmistakable. The influencer's photo album is becoming increasingly full of splendid testimonies of this second sweet expectation of hers, and one of the most recent images can only surprise us.

Ferragni shows herself in the mirror, framing her profile with ever softer curves, wearing only a pair of briefs. The hand demurely covers her breasts, for a topless photo that shows all the beauty of a mother who is growing a new life in her womb. There was no lack of criticism, of course: the haters took the opportunity to point out that certain things are not in good taste, if done by a mother. But many have defended it with a sword, aware of the true wonder that hides a shot like the one published by Chiara.

On the other hand, the influencer is well accustomed to criticism – already during her first pregnancy, and then once little Leone was born, she was "scolded" by haters for behaviors that according to some do not really suit a mother. Chiara Ferragni continues on her path, more serene than ever: she and Fedez are ready to expand the family, with the arrival of a new baby.

To reveal Chiara's second pregnancy was little Leo, with a very tender photo that immortalizes him while holding an ultrasound in his hands. And always the firstborn of the Ferragnez has the task of announcing that a girl will soon arrive. The influencer is already in the 18th week, and this time the baby bump is already visible very well. Just like Leo, she is also expected to be born in March, exactly three years later. A beautiful adventure, which Fedez and Chiara are ready to experience again.

chiara ferragni

Chiara Ferragni – Photo: Instagram

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