Claudia Gerini, the loves of her life: from Federico Zampaglione to Gianni Boncompagni

Claudia Gerini, gli amori della sua vita: da Federico Zampaglione a Gianni Boncompagni

Beautiful and very talented actress, Claudia Gerini has experienced great loves and had two wonderful daughters

Claudia Gerini is one of the most talented actresses of Italian cinema: she has many successes in cinema and TV in her curriculum, as well as some well-deserved recognition. She never pulled back, both in her professional and private life, she experienced great emotions and unforgettable moments.

There are many great loves that have studded her life, starting from when, at a very young age, she had the opportunity to meet Gianni Boncompagni. She was just 18, he was 58: yet the spark struck, and they spent precious moments together: "Despite the huge age difference, it was an equal relationship" – revealed Claudia Gerini to the weekly Oggi.

Then his career exploded, and success came thanks also to the films of Carlo Verdone. Theirs was an indestructible (cinematic) couple, one of the most functioning of all time. And behind the scenes a particular feeling was born, something that could have turned into love. "There was a sentimental involvement, but it was a special moment for both of us" – explained the actress to Domenica In, recounting her special bond with Verdone, finally clarifying the rumors about their flirtation.

In 2002 Claudia Gerini married Alessandro Enginoli, a marriage unfortunately destined to fail after just a couple of years. From their union was born Rosa, today a splendid girl: and it is perhaps for love of her that the two former spouses have remained on good terms. Shortly after the separation, Gerini found love in the arms of Federico Zampaglione, the lead singer of Tiromancino.

He too was coming out of a troubled relationship, and something in them immediately clicked. Together they lived 12 splendid years, never feeling the need to give legal semblance to their union, and for this reason they did not marry. And in 2009 they had a daughter, the very young Linda, to seal their love. However, the flame of passion went out.

To the weekly Oggi, Gerini revealed: “After 12 years of total love, we have grown in different directions. But it was a sweet separation ”. She and Zampaglione broke up in 2016, serenely acknowledging a feeling that no longer existed, without betrayals or recriminations.

Later, Claudia had a flirtation with Andrea Preti, a young actor who had gained popularity by participating in the Island of the Famous. In 2017 they found themselves caught up in the numerous rumors about them, especially because of their age difference. In the end, they shared a year and a half of their life together, until Gerini felt she had to break the relationship.

Today the splendid actress found her smile again next to Simon Clementi, her new partner. Roman manager and father of a girl born from a previous love story, Simon was able to conquer Claudia precisely in her role as an attentive and caring parent. And again at the weekly Oggi, Gerini revealed: “Getting married? Now that's not the case, but in the future why not? I would love to have another child, I am a great talent in raising children. I would love to have a boy ”.

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