Claudia Gerini’s pain for Emilia: “Leave love”

Zampaglione and Giglia Marra married, the comment by Claudia Gerini

With a moving post on Instagram, Claudia Gerini says goodbye to grandmother Emilia: “Leave love”

Claudia Gerini, black lace dress and slit at the Rome Film Fest

Claudia Gerini tells on Instagram the pain of grandmother Emilia’s death, publishing a shot and a message dedicated to a person who was fundamental in her life.

Claudia Gerini, goodbye to grandmother Emilia

Claudia Gerini wrote a short message dedicated to grandmother Emilia, who passed away in recent days. A very important figure for the actress and a woman to whom she was very attached. “You have flown to heaven and leave love and wonderful memories – he wrote – have a good trip, you are and you will always be with me. I want to remember you with sweet and witty photos, as you were. One with your beloved black glasses! ”.

Federico Zampaglione’s message

Federico Zampaglione, leader of the Tiromancino and former partner of Claudia, also commented on the Instagram post. “Sweet grandma Emilia”, he wrote adding a red heart. Linda was born from the love for the artist (now finished), while Gerini also has an older daughter Rosa, who is taking her first steps in the world of entertainment.

The relationship with the daughters

Recently Claudia Gerini talked about the relationship with her daughters who are growing more every day. “No mother is ready for the crises of adolescence – she said -. Girls are more sophisticated, full of nuance, and adolescence is the time you need to figure out who you are. Linda is very mature, she is turning into a little woman […]. You have to get used to silences, to half answers. By now, both girls want to be more in the world of their bedroom. Before, they always wanted to be attached to me and now they are more on their own, as is right. I, then, am a “mother daughter”, the equivalent of mammon sons: I would always be physically attached to my daughters “.

Another child’s dream

Claudia also expressed her desire for motherhood. The actress would like to adopt a child, but being single she can’t. “I would like three more children aged four or eight – he confided -. Except that I’m almost 50 years old, I don’t have a husband: I asked myself the problem, I thought I’d like to take a child into foster care. I talked about it with the daughters. It is important that they agree. They? All right. They quickly moved on to practical things, like where we make him sleep. The fact is that, being single, I cannot ask for an adoption, and it is incredibly absurd that in a civilized country a woman who wants to give love to a child, who has the financial resources and space at home, cannot do it. Why does a child have to stay in an orphanage instead of with a mother who loves him? – he concluded – I would very much like a case to be opened: maybe, if the battle is made by an actress, it has more echo ”.

Claudia Gerini's post

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