Close children of age: a conscious choice. Here are the benefits

Close children of age: a conscious choice. Here are the benefits

Raising two children together has its advantages, let's find them out together

Close children of age, yes or no? The answer seems to be affirmative, supported by the experience of parents and experts who confirm that this conscious choice has several advantages. In fact, many mothers have already thought about the second one since the first pregnancy, especially in view of the possibility of raising the two children together, making them share experiences and friendships, and allowing them to face the stages of life together.

This choice would not only have objective advantages for children, who would always have a friend of games and experiences at their side, but also for the same mothers who would thus face everything together. It is clear that, that motherhood, as well as parental experience is always subjective, therefore whatever the choice must be thoughtful and aware.

There is therefore no right or wrong distance between the birth of two children, whatever that may be, the arrival of a new member in the family is destined to upset the life of parents and daily routine. However, there are several pros in the choice of having two children with a close personal age that concern the management of their growth.

The possibility of being able to play together, share activities and experiences from an early age, not only helps to strengthen the bond between siblings, but makes the two children first of all friends. This sharing phase does not occur in the first months of life, obviously, but around 4 or 5 years.

Another advantage is certainly the preparation of the house and its organization to accommodate two relatively young children. With the arrival of the second child, the home environment will already be ready to welcome him among toys, changing table, diapers, covered corners and safety zones.

And again, the hope of a mother and the real possibility of seeing her children grow up together and maybe share interests, passions and friendships. It is clear that both, as separate entities, will have their lives, but holding hands since childhood, they will always be able to count on each other.

And finally, the objective advantage that concerns mothers in the first person, lies in continuing, with the newcomer, the routine that they had now organized with the arrival of their first child. Between nocturnal awakenings, diaper changes and the tiredness that affects all new mothers, it is better to do everything immediately, rather than return to the usual life and then upset it again with the arrival of another child. And you, do you agree?

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