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THE Hair collected they have a practical “heart”, and a glamorous image. Because what is the most comfortable solution against the head “messed up” by wind, sun, water, and the oppression of heat on the neck, is in fact the trendy hair of the moment. Let’s look at the Cannes Film Festival, one of the last major red carpets: it was all a show off of spiky bun, 3D braids, and ponytails.

“Aside from practicality, the crop is a transforming fashion accessory, which allows you to always give a different touch to the look”, he says. Except Fillets, hairstylist of Compagnia della Bellezza. «And the celebrities teach us the most up-to-date versions of this great summer classic. Among the tails, the trend of the moment is the Barbie ponytail, on top of the doll-style head. Her big fans are Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Mega and Eva Longoria: gives a botox effect since the hair is pulled back a lot, lifting eyes and features. However, it is on the height of the tail that I would like to give some advice: the high version is sexygives a “warrior” allure but is suitable for those with a rounded face, while for those with an elongated face I prefer a classic French tail that starts from the middle of the headotherwise the proportions are unbalanced ».

On the royal tour, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle really like her, tied with a minimal fabric ribbon or closed by a lock of hair rolled up on itself. In the parterre of the show, we saw them embellished with black satin bows like Chloe Sevigny, retro style. “This summer was also relaunched the chignon, high or low, disciplined or disheveled», Continues the hair stylist. «Olivia Rodrigo, Barbie Ferreira, Dua Lipa, Kristen Stewart wear the spike bun, the disheveled one on the tips to perfection, with that saucy air. Others, such as Georgina Rodriguez, Taylor Hill, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani and Vanessa Hudgen, focus on the built bun, behind the neck or on top of the head, with sleek hair, which is always the pinnacle of chic. Then there is the whole world of braids, in single or multiple versions as we see on Bella Hadid, for an ethnic fashion ».

Between “bubble” tails and braids

It’s a matter of taste, age, allure, but it always starts with the ponytail. «If you opt for a structured crop, brush the semi-dry hair well, then spray a restructuring spray or an oil or a disciplining cream on all lengths, for dry and rebellious hair. Then, with the help of a natural hair brush, a c is madeoda narrow and precise in the preferred position: behind the neck, in the center of the head or on top. If the tail is left free, it should be combed with a movement that swings outwards ”, explains Salvo Filetti.

Otherwise, you can start with the 2022 game of variations the bubble ponytails, the bubble tail: enriching it with three transparent rubber bands which stop the locks at regular intervals, which are given volume by slightly widening them, creating a wavy effect, similar to bubbles. Denny Mendez did it. In the case of the chignon, on the other hand, the hair is twisted around itself, and for a fashionable touch, a small colored scarf is inserted.

The most current spiky bun is carried with the center line and the hair pulled back, then just free the tips, giving a more or less wide movement to the hairstyle. Softening the ensemble is easy and cool: a couple of locks left free on the sides of the face, the famous tirabaci, and here we are in full nineties spirit.

Other fashion ideas: two high side tails (with the middle line) and transformed into spike bun or braids to roll on themselves. Otherwise, you can follow supermodel Kendal Jenner, and the medium-high ponytail can be braided into four braids that fall softly over the shoulders, closed by small transparent rubber bands. The braids, in fact, are the great protagonists of the season: classic in the wake of Hailey Bieber, intertwined with a colored scarf like Olivia Palermo, double and close to the head. Or pigtails all over the head or only on the sides of the face, to highlight it, as Chiara Ferragni proposes. To have that boho chic air: it reminds us that the freedom of summer is also about hair.

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