Combine green in your looks this way, to follow the autumn trends!

To follow the autumn trends, green must be the main color of your looks! But how to wear it? How to create perfect outfits using this color? Let’s find out all the style details here on CheDonna!

The next autumn / winter fashion will be different from the past ones, because it will be very colorful! The shades in vogue are many and all lively! But for this very reason, choosing the right color for us is not easy, and even creating trendy outfits, if we don’t know where to start! No problem! Today in this license plate style guide CheWoman we’re about to find out how to create the outfits most in line with the autumn trends using the color of the moment, green!

Green autumn look 29-09-2022

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We usually think that in autumn and winter the colors to be used in our looks must necessarily be dark. In fact, we dress in black, dark blue, brown or gray, as if the temperatures influence our style!

From now on everything changes, because the trends in fashion have expressed themselves, and have proclaimed a colorful and lively fashion especially in autumn and winter.

Let’s go black and welcome colors! One in particular must not be missing in our looks. Which? The green!

Green is the color of autumn 2022! Create your super trendy look with this shade!

When we talk about color in fashion, we don’t have to think of a certain shade, but of the whole scale! For example, for the next few seasons green will be in trend, and specifically all the shades that include this color! Starting from acid green, military green, up to emerald green and teal! The important thing is to find the shade we like best and wear it in our looks!

Green autumn look

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How to create trendy looks perfect for autumn with the color green?

  • match strong colors: emerald green can be combined with very strong colors, such as fuchsia, orange or yellow. So if you want to create a lively look, combine two strong colors. Attention! Always choose solid color garments to start. Avoid fantasies! This way you will also avoid style mistakes!
  • green trousers and basic shirt: sometimes creating a basic look by choosing only the particular trousers is a good way to create top outfits! For example, we can wear a white t-shirt, white sneakers and wide military green cargo pants! In line with the trends of the moment!
  • colorful jacket: last, but not least, is the look made up of a sweater, jeans and green jacket! Choosing only the colored jacket allows us to use fashion colors without distorting our style! By the way, Look over 40 in the office: here’s what to wear to always be chic!

Green autumn look

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Now that we know the style secrets we just have to create your autumn look! You will be divine!