Corona-Moric, the (ugly) never ending story. With Carlos in the middle


The endless Corona-Moric war: she publishes an audio in which Fabrizio threatens her and the son seems frightened by his father, he calls her a psychopath. Let's save Carlos, please

Fabrizio Corona and Nina Moric, the story of their love

There is no peace for Carlos Leon, the son of Nina Moric and Fabrizio Corona. Because the only real victim of the war that has been going on for years between the father and the mother, despite himself, the only protagonist of this ugly never ending story is only him, raised by his paternal grandmother because the Court of Minors had judged the mother (at the time) unable to take care of it, while the father was in jail.

Carlos was raised, "happily" away from the media, by grandmother Gabriella. Only when Fabrizio was released on probation in 2019 and his son expressed the desire to see his mother again, did he and Nina make peace, for the love of their son, and Corona requested and obtained from the Court the shared custody of Carlos. Finally, the happy ending seemed to have been written and instead the armistice lasted a little over a year. Corona has started to go in and out of prison again, Nina got lost behind bad sentimental stories, ended up in the newspapers and the boy, who in the meantime came of age, ended up becoming the trophy, exhibited, tossed and contested by his parents.

Carlos is a shy and introverted boy, very different from his fiery father and fragile but at the same time eager for light and notoriety. Carlos has said it several times, in interviews, in the audios in which he succeeds: “I don't like the world of entertainment, I don't want to be part of it”.

Yet, despite himself, he is always pulled in. Even when it seems that everything is going well, an audio shock appears, a post from one of his parents to plunge back into hell. On the one hand, there is Nina who, Corona accuses her, does not give him rules, does not follow him, makes him live, when he is with her, in a promiscuous way, with boyfriends who enter and leave her life, often not very edifying models. . On the other hand, Nina accuses him, Fabrizio exposes him too much, he wants to model him in his image and likeness to the sound of the gym, sponsors, advertising.

It is an infinite tenderness to hear this boy who in the shock audio posted by his mother accuses his father of "being evil, of not wanting to live with him anymore", and then in the video published by Fabrizio on Instagram, accompanying his speech on Live -It is not D'Urso, to hear her voiceover saying "You are the best dad in the world".

Because Carlos is simply a child like everyone else, who suffers from seeing his parents go to war. Who would like a united and happy family and when he cannot have it, he cannot make a drastic choice, and in an attempt to accommodate both of them, he makes things worse, ending up playing the game of adults. And becoming an instrument in their hands. Carlos does not want to hurt any of his parents, who he loves regardless, and in the light of this truth his interventions, his words, too often exploited by Nina and Fabrizio, should be framed and judged.

Perhaps the only positive parenthesis in this boy's life is represented by the years he was with grandma Gabriella, who raised him away from the spotlight, from social networks, from media disputes. From two parents who, despite loving him, are unable to do his good.

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