Create the bat eyeliner in a few steps thanks to this amazing makeup

Having trouble getting a screaming bat eyeliner? You are probably not using this technique that has gone viral yet.

Have you ever wondered how beauty influencers get a bat eyeliner so perfect? And no, the answer is not just in the product they use, but also in how they apply it.

bat eyeliner


Sure, some people have an innate knack for making straight, crisp lines. For everyone else, however, the secret lies in the use of right tools.

How to best apply bat eyeliner

For eyeliner application, it is very useful to use an angled brush but there is an even easier way to perfect winged eyeliner and get a clean and precise result.

colored adhesive tape


On social media, many influencers have begun to make use of Scotch tape. That’s right, but let’s find out how to use it to shape a screaming bat eyeliner.

Start with a naked face

Many of us are used to completing our own skin care routine before applying makeup. But the technique that includes using duct tape works best when starting eye makeup. This means you should apply the moisturizing cream and concealer and / or foundation after applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. This is because duct tape can easily remove foundation or may not adhere well if your skin has too much product or moisturizer.

Track your look

Do you prefer eyeliner to be the star of your look or do you plan to combine it with your favorite eyeshadow? The application process depends on your answer. If you want a bat eyeliner over the eyeshadow, then the advice is to apply the eyeshadow first. You can start with a small piece of duct tape placed first from the attachment of the lower lashes towards the tail of the eyebrow. This will give you a guide on how to place the eyeliner tape next.

When it comes to tape choice, some types of tape can make the process easier than others. Anyway, any type should be fine. Remember though that duct tape can be very sticky and can pull and jerk the eye area, so it’s important to place it first on the back of the hand to remove some of the stickiness. If you have the sensitive skintry using a medical grade tape, available at the pharmacy.

Apply duct tape

When it’s time to apply eyeliner, start setting the tape. Place the tape at the desired angle. A slightly upward placement will give the eye a lifting effect. The higher the angle, the more the eyeliner will be lifted. When applying the tape, it is absolutely not necessary to stretch it, nor the skin, but only tap it gently on the lids resting. Do not pull or jerk the eye area when applying the tape. This could create a bow in the ribbon, causing a wavy or warped wing.

Apply eyeliner

With a cream, gel, or liquid eyeliner and a small, angled brush, draw the line from the corner of the eye towards the tail of the eyebrowusing the tape as a guide.

Remove the tape

At this point you just have to remove the adhesive tape: you will get a bat eyeliner breathtaking.