Cristina D'Avena, the change of look and the beautiful message for women at Da Noi … A Ruota Libera

Cristina D'Avena, the change of look and the beautiful message for women at Da Noi ... A Ruota Libera

Cristina D'Avena changes her look and, at 56, proves that it is always the right time to get involved and to live with passion

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Smiling, self-confident and full of energy, Cristina D’Avena talked to Francesca Fialdini at Da Noi … A Ruota Libera. An interview in which the singer, who gave voice to the theme songs of cartoons that have made more than one generation of Italians grow, revealed the principles that have always guided her and made a beautiful invitation to all women.

Cristina D'Avena, whose name is often linked to that of cartoons and to the Zecchino D'Oro, has in fact recently decided to show a new image of herself. A turning point consecrated with a cover on Vanity Fair magazine, through which she got involved with seductive photos:

They proposed me to take these photos in this moment of total darkness we need a lot of love. So they asked me to get involved and I said yes. I loved it and I did it.

An unprecedented appearance for Cristina D'Avena, who decided to get involved at the age of 56, arousing the admiration of many, but also raising some criticism and gossip. Spurred on by Fialdini, she decided to respond to the controversy:

The woman, practically, is the cloistered woman, who cannot do anything because she has to have children, she has to be a housewife. At some point there is this biological clock that marks your life, which is your age. Instead, man is a Don Juan at any age. I don't understand this, because I believe that a woman can love at any age and then she can get involved at any age.

In short, a beautiful message, the one that Cristina D'Avena wanted to convey by changing her look. Words of encouragement for all women who see age as an obstacle and an invitation to take up the challenges of life. He then wanted to reiterate the need to always live with passion:

You have to constantly reinvent yourself, especially in the couple relationship you must always be motivated, sparkling, have arguments. We must always love. I always love, I loved when I was a little girl, when I started singing my songs. Now I am a woman and I love equally. The way of loving does not change with the passage of time.

Cristina D'Avena is, therefore, an example of how you can always reinvent yourself and find new stimuli at any time in your life, even through a change of style or look that might seem risky to some. With irony, but also with great personality, she managed to show new facets of her personality and to conquer, once again, the public that appreciates her so much.

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