Dancing, Peron returns to the dance floor and beats Rosalind. Elisa and Raimondo give up the race

Dancing, Peron returns to the dance floor and beats Rosalind. Elisa and Raimondo give up the race

Samuel Peron returns to the track alongside Vittoria Schisano and beats the one who should have been his partner: Rosalinda Celentano. Elisa Isoardi renounces the special challenge

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Extremely compelling episode, full of surprises and twists for Dancing with the Stars. After a difficult week, full of unexpected events, Milly Carlucci is back on the air with a new appointment of her beloved show. And, once again, excitement and fun dominated.

Carlucci has finally been able to welcome Samuel Peron back. The dancer, a true column of the program, was unable to participate in this edition of the show from the beginning due to contracting the Coronavirus. The opportunity for his return was provided by yet another problem that Milly had to solve.

The dance teacher Marco De Angelis, who is paired with Vittoria Schisano, in fact, was hit by bad food poisoning that made it impossible for him to take part in the episode. In this way, Peron was able to take to the track, who joined the competitor in the challenge with Rosalinda Celentano, who, in principle, should have been his partner.

The fact of being here – said Peron – is strange, also because the challenge in which I find myself involved is with a VIP with whom I had to start Dancing with the Stars and then, for Covid, the couple jumped. […] Now, instead of dancing with Rosalinda, I'm going to challenge Rosalinda: it is a situation that is a bit paradoxical, it is particular.

A return marked immediately by a success: in fact, Samuel Peron and Vittoria Schisano won the play-off challenge. Marco De Angelis, thanks to his colleague, will be able to return to dance in the program as soon as he has recovered.

Big smiles also for Carlucci's little gaffe that, concentrated on running, was about to forget to kick off the Halloween special stage. To give her a hand, however, there is her jury, made up of Selvaggia Lucarelli, Guillermo Mariotto, Fabio Canino, Ivan Zazzaroni and Carolyn Smith, who, surprised and amused, said: "It is the first time that Milly is wrong!" .

Still difficulties for Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro. After the dancer’s surgery, the two had to face a showgirl injury. Although they never gave up, they decided to give up the special challenge in order to focus their energies on just one of the two scheduled performances.

I convinced Elisa – Todaro said – that being a special stage where there is only one winner, given our conditions, we have a 0.01% chance of winning. I prefer not to risk and not to force and, if possible, avoid doing this heat.

A difficult decision for Isoardi to make, but necessary. The jury, while appreciating and respecting the choice of Elisa and Raimondo, nevertheless considered it appropriate to give them a penalty for fairness towards the other competitors. Despite the desire to dance, the two then had to give up the second test as well, announcing their retirement. Thus they leave the game hoping to be able to return before the last episode through the repechage mechanism.

Finally, there was no lack of squabbles. Strong clash between Carolyn Smith and Costantino Della Gherardesca who, with his pungent irony, annoyed the juror. A misunderstanding that will probably be cleared up in the not too distant future.

The final of Dancing with the Stars is now almost upon us. Competitors are increasingly concentrated and eager to win first place: which of them will be able to win this edition of Milly Carlucci's program?

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