Dancing, the final: Isoardi and Todaro very close. And Carolyn Smith takes to the track

Elisa Isoardi

Final episode for "Dancing with the Stars": judge Carolyn Smith also takes to the track for the occasion. Exciting performance for Todaro and Isoardi, who are getting closer and closer

This edition of Dancing with the Stars has also come to an end. Milly Carlucci, in recent weeks, has faced numerous unexpected events and twists and has offered her viewers beautiful surprises. In short, the exciting and funny moments were not lacking.

Seven couples arrived in the final. Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro, who returned to the race after retiring due to the injury that hit the showgirl, Gilles Rocca and Lucrezia Lando, Daniele Scardina and Anastasia Kuzmina, Paolo Conticini and Vera Kinnunen, Costantino Della Gherardesca and Sara Di Vaira , Tullio Solenghi and Maria Ermachkova and Alessandra Mussolini and Samuel Peron. The latter, in fact, replaced Maykel Fonts, who tested positive for Coronavirus.

This – said Milly Carlucci to kick off the last episode – was an incredible ride. A kind of popular novel, which we wrote together with you, with a script full of twists. […] It was truly a great edition thanks to the talent and heart of all those who participated.

A special event, therefore, that could only have a truly exceptional 'dancer for a night'. This is Carolyn Smith, who for the occasion, and to celebrate her sixtieth birthday, took off her clothes as a judge for a moment to take to the dance floor and perform with all the professional dancers of the show.

Fierce Daniele Scardina, who wanted to give his all for his last dance, showing great determination, and wanted to tell a very intimate part of himself, returning to talk about the love he still feels for Diletta Leotta:

I'm still trying to get out of the loss of a love, let's say, from the distance of a love. I can't tell you what there is or what will be there, I can only tell you what I feel and it shows. You know that what I feel is love.

Extremely excited Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro, who played together in the final by performing in performances through which they showed all their talent and their passion for this adventure. Beautiful, then, the words dedicated by the showgirl to her dance partner:

I dance for him, because he deserves it. […] I fall in love, okay? I fall in love because we are beautiful. Point, there is nothing else to say. And the thing is pure, it is love, love and love. It's beautiful. Complicity, loving each other: it is something extraordinary.

Raimondo and Elisa, in fact, have formed a beautiful relationship during this edition of Dancing with the Stars. For Todaro, the special bond that binds him to Isoardi was really important in a year in which he had to face the separation from his wife and an unexpected operation:

It was the worst year of my life. As I understand it, Elisa is not exactly from a happy period. Perhaps this is why we have come to meet.

Another obstacle of this edition, Alessandra Mussolini who had to change partners in the last episode and only had one day to try. To support it, albeit only remotely with a video link, Maykel Fonts and Samuel Peron. This is how she managed to conclude the challenge of Dancing with the Stars in the best possible way.

In short, a final episode full of emotions for Dancing with the Stars. Milly Carlucci, after having solved the numerous unforeseen events that arose in this edition, will now be able to rest and start thinking about how to amaze in the next television season.

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