Dancing, Todaro's tears and Mussolini's anger: the cult moments of the 3rd episode

Elisa Isoardi e Raimondo Todaro

The cult moments of the third episode of "Dancing with the Stars", from the anger of Raimondo Todaro to the confessions of Rosalinda Celentano

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Great emotions in the third episode of Dancing with the Stars, where there were tears and important confessions. The return of Raimondo Todaro is very welcome, he embraced Elisa Isoardi and was moved after a thrilling waltz. Shining eyes also for Rosalinda Celentano, who revealed her fragility, and for Tullio Solenghi's delicate memory of Anna Marchesini.

Here is our ranking of the best moments from Milly Carlucci's show.

THE TEARS OF RAIMONDO TODARO – After the operation and a record recovery, Raimondo Todaro is back on the dance floor of Dancing with the Stars. Applause and strong emotions accompanied his waltz with Elisa Isoardi on the notes of La Cura by Franco Battito. Impossible not to grasp the very strong feeling between the two dancers and Todaro's emotion that he let himself go to tears in front of the applause. The jury awarded the performance. "How much truth there is behind this union", said Carolyn Smith, while Guillermo Mariotto commented: "Isoardi has the light in her eyes. What she brings is beautiful Italy. The beginning is a lake of blood with that beautiful red dress. All beautiful, all very beautiful ". Many are cheering for the couple formed by Elisa and Raimondo. The former host of the Chef's Test did not deny the possibility, but on the pages of Who made it clear: "If it happens, it will be after Dancing. Raimondo is a serious, responsible and respectful teacher and the same is true for me as a student. Then I do not exclude anything a priori, but 'if', it will be after Dancing, for now we have heart, mind and body only for dancing ".

THE MEMORY OF ANNA MARCHESINI – Dancer for a night, in Milly Carlucci's studio, Tullio Solenghi wanted to remember his colleague and friend Anna Marchesini. "It is clear that when I see these things again, I think behind the scenes – said the actor in a video -. And in recent years, when we went out on TV, I speak for myself, I was always waiting for his call the next day. When I do Dancing, Sunday is now silent. There is no ringing from Anna commenting on what I did. I have a dream that Anna's voice will reach me in an episode of Dancing and speak to me from the stars. Who knows which constellation it has slipped into ”. Impossible not to be moved by his words and the memory of the great comedian, who died in 2016.

THE ANGER OF ALESSANDRA MUSSOLINI – Paired with Maykel Fonts, Mussolini did not hide her disappointment in the face of the judgments of the jury, in particular Selvaggia Lucarelli. "You want to be a commoner and a vaiassa, you should focus on dancing," said the judge of Dancing with the Stars, as the contestant defiantly donned a mask while she spoke. "I am proud to be a commoner," she replied shortly after. But even the other judges did not seem convinced by Mussolini's performance. The thought of Alberto Matano is different. "I see that the judges are prejudiced against him – he said -. If she were called Alessandra Rossi it probably wouldn't be like that ”.

THE CLASH BETWEEN LINA SASTRI AND CAROLYN SMITH – Sparks also between Lina Sastri and Carolyn Smith who had a heated discussion in the third episode of Dancing with the Stars. After the singer's performance with Simone Di Pasquale, Smith commented: "Congratulations on the song, but what does it have to do with the hi-hat? You mixed a dramatic thing with a happy one. I would like, since you are a great actress, if you were able to get into the thousand per thousand part ”. Lina Sastri replied immediately: “Are you talking about dance or song?” He asked. “I'm talking about the performance,” Smith said. "Charleston started after Oì Marì, wonderfully done by the orchestra. Forgive me, I have to defend who I am. I am what I am, each of us here presents himself ”, added Sastri and Carolyn Smith replied:“ I have great respect for your art, but I have great respect for my art. I respect you, you respect me. You don't have to convince me of anything else ".

THE CONFESSIONS OF ROSALINDA CELENTANO – Rosalinda Celentano was undoubtedly the great revelation of this edition of Dancing with the Stars. In the last episode, before the performance paired with Tinna Hoffmann, the daughter of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori told about her difficult past, the suffering experienced in the inability to accept her body and see herself as beautiful, but also the battle against the cancer. A speech that thrilled everyone, including her sister Rosita who commented on Instagram.

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