Dancing with the Stars, Daniele Scardina ready to return: how is he?

Dancing with the Stars, Daniele Scardina ready to return: how is he?

The boxer Daniele Scardina tested negative for the swab and will be able to participate in Dancing with the Stars: Carlucci already has all the modalities in mind

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Fighting like a lioness, Milly Carlucci seems to know more about the devil in the most positive sense of the term. The host of Dancing with the Stars is facing a not insignificant crisis very well: some characters of the cast of the dancing show had tested positive for the virus, right at the starting line of the new edition, which will be broadcast on 19 September.

Samuel Peron, Rosalinda Celentano and Daniele Scardina dealt with the unfortunate result of the swab. The situation, however, fortunately, is constantly evolving: Peron is currently on standby and will be replaced, temporarily, by dance teacher Tina Hoffman, who will lead Celentano. The latter, in fact, was negative for the second swab.

The same fate befell Daniele Scardina, who had made everyone take a good scare but who, fortunately, is now well. To give news of his positivity was Milly Carlucci with a post on Instagram, explaining that the boxer did not have important symptoms and that, at the same time, all the necessary measures were being taken to continue the relaxation in safety.

King Toretto, for his part, has always updated his followers on what was happening to him through his stories on Instagram, emphasizing that he did not have particularly aggressive symptoms and that he hoped for a quick resolution of the situation. Just using this communication channel, in the last few hours, finally, he published a significant photo accompanied by the words:

Finally negative for the virus! Ready to break everything!

Scardina is in excellent condition, therefore, and is ready to get back into the game. And it must be said that thanks to Carlucci's determination, he did not lag behind by a single step: Milly's ideas on distance training were essential to ensure that the boxer always remained in contact with his teacher, Anastasia. Kuzmina.

Diletta Leotta's ex-boyfriend has in fact continued to receive lessons via video call. Now the tests should resume, which in any case, regardless of everything, are held in compliance with safety distances. Masters and students do not dance, at least for the moment, together but always at a distance, training with the help of hula-hoops and tools that separate them.

Certainly an unusual way of training, but which seems to be able to guarantee the correct development of the dancing show.

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