Dancing with the stars: ill for Iannone, but Mietta is back on track

Andrea Iannone

Great twists to “Dancing with the stars”: Mietta is back on the track after quarantine, while Andrea Iannone did not perform

Dancing with the Stars 2021, the full cast

New appointment for Dancing with the stars, which, now in its fifth episode, has now entered the heart of the competition: this episode also gave great twists, first of all the return of Mietta to the track.

Dancing with the stars, concern for Andrea Iannone

Andrea Iannone was unable to participate in the fifth episode of Dancing with the stars: a sudden illness within minutes of the live broadcast prevented him from performing in a special stage announced by Milly Carlucci. The communication came from the presenter, who at the very beginning of the episode summoned the pilot for the improvisation competition.

“I’m fine, but not very well”, the sportsman explained from the bed in the infirmary, while his adventure partner Lucrezia Lando from the hall of the stars confessed: “Today he arrived that he was not already well”. Moments of great concern in the office, especially when Paolo Belli, after speaking with the doctor, told Carlucci: “As a precaution, the doctor thinks it is right that he stays here for a few more minutes. If he calms down he will come back, otherwise he’d better be transferred to the hospital. He’s not well, he’s got a little upset. His will is to dance. We have to wait”.

The apprehension for Andrea melts as soon as the rider himself breaks the silence about his health conditions: “I’m fine, soon the doctor said I can show off, maybe I took too many painkillers and they hurt me”. However, on hearing the advice of the expert Andrea will be able to exhibit and then come back to make some checks. “Andrea you can also perform last we are waiting for you”, thus closes the connection the presenter of Ballando, with a sigh of relief.

Dancing with the stars, Mietta moved back to the competition

After having tested positive at Covid and after having remained in quarantine for a few weeks waiting for the negative result of the swab, Mietta is back to compete on the dance floor of Dancing with the stars. He did it on a special day, that of his birthday: the singer showed up on stage with eyes swollen with tears, visibly moved by her return to the competition. “I’m very excited,” she confessed.

A few hours before the live show, Mietta had published stories on Instagram in which she had shown all her happiness to return to Milly Carlucci’s show: “I’m finally going back to where I wanted to be all this time, that is to Dancing. A crazy place where you can dance, feel good and there are many beautiful people, who want to have fun and let themselves go through the dance. I need your support, your strength, your warmth, your energy. Without prejudice, with sincerity of heart. I hope you can give me a hand! ”.

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