Dancing with the Stars, Milly Carlucci does not give up: the fate of Alessandra Mussolini

Ballando con le Stelle, Milly Carlucci non molla: il destino di Alessandra Mussolini

Milly Carlucci does not give up: Alessandra Mussolini in the finale of "Dancing with the Stars" will perform with Samuel Peron

Milly Carlucci does not give up: Alessandra Mussolini will participate in the final of Dancing with the Stars, despite the positivity of Maykel Fonts at Covid-19. He will do so by competing with Samuel Peron. To announce it was the presenter, guest of Italian Stories, who once again showed her desire to never give up and to carry on a show in which problems, unfortunately, never lacked.

Between injuries, illnesses and accidents, this edition of Dancing with the Stars was rather bumpy. But Milly never stopped and convinced Mussolini to take part in the final. After the announcement of Fonts' Coronavirus positivity, Alessandra appeared on Instagram very sad and dejected. The former politician had said that he probably would not have participated in the last episode of the broadcast. Maykel had launched an appeal on social media, asking her to reconsider and complete the adventure in the Rai program.

A few hours later, Carlucci also intervened to find a solution. In the final, therefore, Mussolini will perform with Samuel Peron. "Alessandra is a bit discouraged – Milly confessed to Eleonora Daniele -. But she continued to swab and yesterday's was also negative. We offered her to dance with Samuel Peron, because she has to make the final, it's not possible after all the sacrifices she has made that she doesn't make. Samuel has become our patron saint – added the presenter – because, if at the beginning he was the one who gave rise to all the problems, then he helped us a lot, with Vittoria and with me when I was a dancer for a night . Now he has made himself available to make Alessandra play this final. Of course, time is very short, it is not difficult for Samuel to learn all the choreographies, but for Alessandra, adapting to another figure is complicated. We try it all the way ".

Mussolini, also in connection with Storie Italiane, stated that she accepted Milly's proposal. “She is optimistic and very tenacious – he said – she proposed me to dance to dance with Samuel, who is an extraordinary person, who is sacrificing himself. We said with Samuel that if we manage to structure a dance we will do it with all our heart, for Maykel, Milly, the whole Ballando audience and also for the jury ”.

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