Dantedì: the national day dedicated to Dante

In 2020, Dantedì was established, the national day dedicated to Dante, which is celebrated on 25 March.

Dantedì: the national day dedicated to Dante. In 2020, Dantedì was established, the national day dedicated to Dante, which is celebrated on 25 March.

On the proposal of Minister Dario Franceschini, the Council of Ministers established the National Day dedicated to Dante Alighieri in 2020, with the aim of underlining his role as representative of Italian culture in the world. The choice of date fell on March 25 because it is the day on which, according to scholars, Dante’s journey into the afterlife as told in the Divine Comedy would begin. This date was preferred to 13/14 September, the day of the poet’s death, which took place in 1321, also to encourage the organization of activities and initiatives in schools, in September engaged with the start of the school year.

The father of the Italian language

Dante Alighieri, born in Florence in 1265 and died in exile in Ravenna in 1321, is defined as “the father of the Italian language”. In the fourteenth century, in fact, Latin was the language of culture and the vernacular had no literary dignity. Dante, on the other hand, in De vulgari eloquentia supports the value of the vulgar, also suitable for writing works of high literature. It is in the vernacular, in fact, that Dante chooses to write the Divine Comedy, destined to become one of the most famous works of Italian literature. The success of Dante’s poem will ensure that the Florentine of 1300 becomes the basis of the Italian language.

For this reason, Minister Dario Franceschini, on the occasion of the institution of Dantedì, said: “Dante remembers many things that keep us together: Dante is the unity of the country, Dante is the Italian language, Dante is the very idea of ​​Italy “. The aim of the day, therefore, is to involve institutions, schools, libraries, theaters, cultural foundations to draw attention to one of the most representative symbols of our culture, recognized not only in Italy but also abroad.

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Dante, teacher of life

Monday is also an opportunity to reflect on why it is worth learning the classics and what teachings they can still give us today. This is why Redooc.com is organizing a free webinar with Enrico Cerni, author of the book Dante for managers, published by Il Sole 24 Ore in 2021. Karen Nahum, General Director of Publishing and Digital Il Sole 24 will speak with him on Thursday 24 March at 5.00 pm. Ore, and Chiara Burberi, CEO of Redooc.com. The conversation will bring out the relevance and usefulness of the Comedy today, showing us a Dante teacher of life also for us men and women of the 21st century.

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Happy Monday!

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