De Martino imitates Mara and she replies: "I love this irony". Silence on Belen

De Martino imita Mara e lei replica: “Amo questa ironia”. Silenzio su Belen

During the connection to Domenica In Stefano De Martino imitates Mara, who appreciates the irony. But the dancer is silent on Belen

For Mara Venier, today's episode of Domenica In was full of intense but also fun moments, such as the one with Stefano De Martino, connected directly by the Rai production center in Naples, where Made In Sud events are being recorded.

An intervention characterized by a lively hit and response between Zia Mara and the former dancer of Amici, who made fun of the conductor several times during the connection.

To begin with, De Martino showed a Venier hardcover, saying that he is keeping him company waiting to see him live. Venier's response is ready, saying: "Love, but this hardcover does not do me justice: it is two-dimensional, it has no breast!".

Then Stefano, with a lot of nonchalance, wore a fake plaster on the leg, a blatant mockery of the conductor, who in these days is conducting Domenica In despite his broken foot, showing great professionalism: “You are a st **** or! ", she laughed and said to the director:" Eh, I've said it by now, fire me so I'll stay home. "

Then the presenter could not help but make a comment: "I love this irony, the intelligent irony, it doesn't boast, like that of someone else", clearly referring to the jokes pronounced by Tiberio Timperi and Gianni Ippoliti during the last episode of Family morning:

You must excuse me, I don't want to give names and surnames to avoid fueling the controversy, but the thrust was aimed at someone else. The program is certainly not good for my broken foot, but it is successful for the great work behind it, for the great professionalism of everyone.

In the last hours, however, Tiberio Timperi replied to Venier, writing a post on Instagram: “Sorry that irony, affection and familiarity are mistaken for an insult. A kiss ", with the intention of truncating this blow and response.

During the intervention De Martino was joined by Fatima Trotta, his partner in the management of Made In Sud, who jokingly told Venier that in this period "he is all too happy": Mara tried to gently tease the conductor, making him note that he found him slim, perhaps in the hope that he would make some hints to the new crisis with Belen Rodriguez.

The story between the two in fact seems to have come to an end: for months the couple's fans have suspected a breakup, which Belen has confirmed in several stories on her Instagram profile, revealing that she is having a "difficult time". For his part Stefano has never confirmed the crisis, explaining his distance from home with the filming of the program.

Also on this occasion he kept silent about his sentimental situation, assuring: "It is the air of Naples: I arrive here with ten kilos less to be able to recover!".

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