Define your face with tantouring, the new technique that has gone viral

Have you ever heard of tantouring, the revolutionary technique that best defines the face? In a short time it went viral.

Almost everything about the process self-tanning it can be intimidating. In fact, if not done perfectly, you could find yourself with a color tending to orange or perhaps with spots scattered all over the body.



But if you’re wrong, it’s not the end of the world, you can easily cover the streaks on the body. But when the self-tanner is wrong on the face, things can get more complicated. In fact, the face is normally a little more difficult to mask when applying self-tanner is wrong. So, in order not to risk making mistakes as a beginner, we recommend that you resort to tantouring.

Tantouring, the new definition technique

When we talk about tantouring we are referring to tanning and tanning contouring inserted in a single product. Just take the face self-tanner and apply it as you would a traditional contouring product.

self tanning woman


This is how you get the desired tan, including definition, making the result appear more natural. Now that you know what it is, let’s find out the process together, step by step.

Prepare the skin

Just like you would your body when using self tanner, you should always prepare your skin for application. Before applying it on the face, our advice is to remove all make up and exfoliate the skin.

Choose the tool

There are three ways to apply bronzer on the face. We recommend this: pour some tinted bronzing mousse on one flat surface and clean and apply it on the contours of the face with the bounce technique. That is, the product is applied on each side, starting from the temples, passing under the cheekbone and wrapping the jaw. The larger end of the brush is then used and dipped in the bronzer. Then the same technique is used when contouring with a cream or powder product. Finally, you can apply the product with the fingersbut be sure to wash your hands as soon as you’re done.

Don’t stress yourself out too much if you make mistakes

If you make a mistake, just take a soft cloth dry and pat the tan until it is set. If you really have to start over, you can use a self-tanner to cancel your work. Keep in mind that face self-tanning does not last as long as traditional body tanning. The face is always exposed and is subjected to a more thorough daily cleansing than the rest of the body. In fact, face self-tanning only lasts three or four days, while that of the body can last up to 10 days. Be prepared to reapply the product on average every three days and to exfoliate and cleanse lightly in the meantime.

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