Detto Done, Bianca Guaccero is back on TV after the storm: "We apologize"

Detto Done, Bianca Guaccero is back on TV after the storm: "We apologize"

Bianca Guaccero is back with "Detto Fatto" after the controversies of the past weeks and apologized to the public

Bianca Guaccero is back on TV with Detto Fatto after the storm unleashed by the tutorial "How to shop on heels": an episode that in addition to arousing a lot of controversy, also led to the suspension of the program, which has not been broadcast in recent weeks .

After the airing of the tutorial of the pole dancer Emily Angelillo, the presenter spent complicated days, between the criticism and the disapproval of the viewers. Guaccero immediately assumed responsibility for what happened and apologized to the public on her Instagram profile.

And so today the presenter opened the episode with her voice broken by emotion, ready to start again after the forced break with a new spirit:

I am very excited but also very happy to be here. What just ended was a very difficult period, both me and my whole team experienced it as a great opportunity: an opportunity to improve, to grow, as we have always done. And from today we will do it even more. We apologize for what happened, fortunately as our acronym says Detto Fatto is here.

Guaccero, as expected, wanted to reiterate those apologies for the public that had already arrived in recent days: "I am sure of the good faith of the author group that has been working for months – wrote the presenter on Instagram – trying to package, with great effort, a dignified and cheerful program despite all the difficulties of the pandemic situation we are experiencing ".

To the delight of the fans Bianca remained at the helm of the show, accompanied by the fixed cast composed of Carla Gozzi, Jonathan Kashanian and Gianpaolo Gambi. The editorial line has changed: no changes in the format of Detto Fatto, which will continue to propose practical solutions and innovative ideas to address the new daily life influenced by the pandemic, certainly with a different sensitivity from that demonstrated during that unfortunate episode.

"As I have always done in my life, I will work to ensure that this never happens again", said the presenter. And now, once the storm has passed, the team will be able to demonstrate that, although everyone can make mistakes, it is possible to learn from their mistakes and avoid unpleasant accidents.

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