Diet: eating leftovers makes you fat

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Eating leftovers leads us to gain weight without realizing it, putting our diet at risk.

A recent research by the University of Michigan reveals it, that the recycling of food from the previous meal would be anything but healthy, especially for those who want to eliminate a few extra pounds. The first consequence is psychological: when we eat leftovers we have the feeling of bringing small quantities to the table and "keeping ourselves light".

In reality it is quite the opposite: not only because of the addition of oil, but also because this leads us to give ourselves some more snacks and skip the gym. In short, the leftovers force us (unconsciously) to contravene our diet, with decidedly serious consequences in terms of calories consumed and fat cushions.

"We know that the larger portions increase consumption," Aradhna Krishna, a marketing professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, told the Daily Mail. But the large portions also cause more leftovers to eat later. "

"Leftovers, albeit abundant, however, give the sensation of less food than usual – the scholar has revealed -. And that is why people feel better and feeling better tend not to follow those weight control measures ".

In the face of leftovers, therefore, we all leave the calculation of calories alone and eat more, allowing ourselves little tears to the rule that is deleterious to the diet. Cooking meals instead helps us to better control the situation, allowing us to dose the seasonings and the amount of salt, but above all the calories ingested.

So how to preserve the diet without waste? First, it is important to make a shopping list that is accurate and not get carried away at the supermarket, buying more than necessary, perhaps because of a special offer. Also try to limit the portions, using a little trick: use small plates instead of large ones, so what you eat will seem more and you will limit any waste to the maximum.

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