Diet of the night, you lose 4 pounds in a week

Diet of the night, you lose 4 pounds in a week

Based on the maintenance of the lean mass, it is divided into two phases that last respectively one and six days

The diet of the night is a diet that promises the loss of about 4 kg over a week.

The regime in question is the result of studies by Dr. Caroline Apovian, an academic at the Boston University School of Medicine and author of the best-selling book The Overnight Diet. The diet of the night she has prepared starts with a day that provides for the temporary abstention from solid foods. For the above 24 hours, those who decide to follow this diet should focus their diet on smoothies.

By consuming only liquids for a day, it is possible to start the slimming process and, at the same time, control the feeling of appetite. Once this first step has been archived, it is time to start a 6-day journey during which we are fed in various ways, but with the specific purpose of burning fat. Dr. Apovian recommends paying close attention to protein intake.

When he talks about his diet, he remembers that the human body does not store amino acids. For this reason, if you intend to maintain your lean mass it is essential to consume proteins every day, doubling their contribution compared to the recommended daily rations (which vary according to age, weight and sex).

There are no prohibited foods during the 6 days in question. The rules of the diet of the night, however, provide specific attention to the extent of the contribution of certain nutritional principles. Bearing in mind the aforementioned rule of protein intake, it is important to specify that this diet allows you to consume a maximum of one cup of starchy vegetables per day and not to exceed 2/3 portions of whole grains.

It is also essential to control the intake of dairy products and avoid going beyond the 2 daily portions. Not to be forgotten is also the fact that this diet allows the consumption of a glass of wine a day.

The effectiveness of the night's diet is based on the maintenance of the lean mass which, as revealed by the Apovian itself in its books, is essential for the efficiency of the metabolism. The diet in question, which allows the intake of foods such as Greek yogurt, pork, beef, tuna, salmon and shrimp, should be started only after consulting your doctor.

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