Diet, the best of the week from 14 to 20 June

Diet, the best of the week from 14 to 20 June

Eating right is the first step to losing weight and staying healthy – here are the best tips from the experts

June is the month that finally catapults us into the height of summer: the days get longer and the mercury column rises dramatically, so the desire for a nice refreshing dip in the sea becomes more and more intense. However, many young people spend these days intent on preparing for their high school exams, to face one of the first “adult” challenges of their life. And in a correct diet they can find their most valid ally.

Coldiretti has analyzed the habits of thousands of students in terms of food, drawing up the list of foods promoted and rejected to identify the best diet for maturity 2021. Fruit and vegetables are very important, which should never be missing on our tables. In addition to being rich in water, so as to promote proper hydration, they have important benefits for the whole body.

Simple fruit sugars, for example, help to increase serotonin levels: the latter substance is a neurotransmitter that stimulates well-being and relaxation, thus playing a very important role in the most stressful days. In the evening, it is better to opt for light foods that can stimulate sleep, so as to improve the night's rest and be more concentrated during the day: green light, therefore, for vegetables such as lettuce and radicchio, fresh cheeses, rice, boiled eggs , hot milk and honey infusions.

The stress that often accompanies these moments in our life can give rise to some unpleasant symptoms. One of these is gastroesophageal reflux – which however also has numerous physical causes, such as hiatal hernia, overweight and the use of certain drugs. In this case, a good anti-reflux diet can be of great help to keep the symptoms under control.

We talked about it with Dr. Giusy Giugno, a nutrition biologist in Florence, who gave us some tips to combat reflux through nutrition. First of all, it is good to eat small and frequent meals, paying particular attention to avoid overeating in the evening, before going to bed. Some foods and drinks can worsen the disease: it is good to eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) the intake of tea and coffee, alcohol, chocolate, tomatoes, mint, citrus fruits, garlic and onion, spices and foods particularly rich in fat.

In summer, however, it is inevitable that you want to give yourself a break from the rule and indulge in a food "cuddle". A good compromise between pleasure and well-being? The smoothie diet: these colorful and genuine drinks are a concentrate of substances that are important for our health and even help us lose weight. Dr. Corrado Pierantoni, specialist in endocrinology and metabolic diseases and clinical nutritionist in Lanciano (CH), explained to us the importance of introducing fruit and vegetable juices to combat the summer heat.

"Through smoothies and centrifuged we take vitamins and mineral salts" – revealed the expert – "These vegetable and natural juices also help us to purify ourselves, counteracting the dangerous free radicals responsible not only for cellular aging, with the appearance of wrinkles , but also the onset of pathologies ". It is possible to choose between countless combinations, but be careful: it is better to combine fruit and vegetables together, so as not to have an excessive load of fruit sugars that can raise blood sugar.

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