Diet, the best of the week from 15 to 21 March

Dieta, le migliori della settimana dal 15 al 21 marzo

Here are the little tricks of the experts to eat well and stay fit

With spring already knocking on our doors, it is inevitable to start thinking about the costume fitting. However, eating well is essential not only to lose those unwanted pounds that we tend to accumulate easily in the winter. In fact, nutrition plays a very important role in health.

Obesity and overweight are problems that afflict many people around the world, which sometimes have their roots in metabolic disorders or in a genetic predisposition. But, even more often, they are caused by poor nutrition and an overabundance of food. Unfortunately, these disorders are not only of aesthetic relevance: rather, they are closely related to an increased risk of developing various diseases, such as heart problems and cancer.

Adopting proper nutrition and physical activity are therefore the first step to fight obesity and overweight. Yet, there are still many false myths that circulate around the world of diets: for example, it is not at all true that only a strictly low-calorie diet can have positive effects regarding body weight. We talked about it with prof. Pier Luigi Rossi, medical specialist in Food Sciences and Preventive Medicine in Arezzo, as well as author of the book From calories to molecules. The new horizon of weight control.

Carefully counting how many calories we have on our plate is not the ideal solution for losing weight, and indeed can lead to a dangerous lack of micronutrients essential for health – especially if we rely on do-it-yourself diets. It is much more important to bring to the table those foods that have certain molecules capable of acting on the DNA of fat cells, so as to activate the metabolism and be able to lose weight.

A problem that many of us often encounter concerns the preparation of lunch: it is not easy to organize a varied and balanced meal while having to take care of the work at the same time. And smart working seems to have made the moment of the lunch break even more complicated, so that it becomes all too easy to give in to the temptation of just making a sandwich. Well, this choice may prove wise: just pay attention to the ingredients, so that our diet continues to be balanced.

Dr. Giusy Giugno, a nutrition biologist in Florence, thus conceived the sandwich diet. There are many original ideas to bring to the table a sandwich that turns into a complete dish, easy and quick to make. It is important that the sandwich contains all the main nutrients, so as to represent a real meal. However, the choice is vast, including ingredients that may vary from time to time according to the season.

Nutrition, as we have seen, has a great impact on our health. And that is why, in the month dedicated to endometriosis, we investigated the role of diet in the development and management of this disease. The professor. Pietro Giulio Signorile, president of the Italian Endometriosis Foundation, highlighted the four pillars on which a diet aimed at keeping symptoms under control and even acting on the disease is based.

The diet to combat endometriosis is therefore divided into different levels. At first it is a question of reducing the intake of estrogenic foods, then increasing the anti-estrogenic ones; on the same level, we must reduce pro-inflammatory foods and increase anti-inflammatory ones. This helps on the one hand to keep hormones under control, and on the other hand to decrease inflammation, which can cause the characteristic pains of the disease.

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