Diet, the best of the week from 7 to 13 September

Dieta, le migliori della settimana dal 7 al 13 settembre

Scientifically proven tips to improve fitness and immune system efficiency thanks to a targeted diet

The month of September runs and the time is approaching when we will have the cold months of the year. To experience them in the best possible way, a good idea may be to prepare from the point of view of nutrition. There are several useful alternatives in this regard. These include attention to the efficiency of the metabolism. To improve it, it is good to focus on the supply of B vitamins.

Excellent sources of these nutrients are goat milk and cheese which, as mentioned by the experts of the Humanitas group, are also a source of proteins with a high biological value, allies in controlling body weight. Those who are preparing to face the cold months of the year while pregnant must pay close attention to what they put on their plate.

The perfect diet for not gaining too much weight during pregnancy provides, as evidenced by Dr. Daniela Galliano, Director of IVI Rome, doctor, surgeon, gynecologist, above all the fact of not eating for two. The intake of an adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids is also fundamental. Where to find them? In foods such as soybean oil, not to mention tuna, salmon and mackerel.

The contribution of vitamin D is also very important, as is that of calcium. A typical day menu can include a breakfast of toast with avocado and extra virgin olive oil and peanut butter. At lunch you can bring a portion of meat, fruit and vegetables to the table. As a snack, an excellent idea involves choosing those extraordinary allies of well-being which are almonds. And for dinner? If there are no contraindications, a portion of pasta or rice.

In view of the cold months of the year, it is crucial to strengthen the immune system, also with the help of food choices. Very useful in this regard is to give space to kiwis. As evidenced by several studies – among which it is possible to cite a New Zealand research published in 2012 – these fruits, rich in vitamin C, are a real panacea when it comes to reducing the incidence and severity of colds and similar diseases. – flu.

Those who intend to maintain weight in the cold months of the year, a period in which, for various reasons, it may be more difficult not to accumulate extra kg, can turn to vegan diets. Using the plural is a must as it is an approach to nutrition that can have many facets. A few examples? The raw vegan diet, as well as that focused on the intake of starchy foods.

As mentioned above, vegan diets are precious allies of weight and science has repeatedly confirmed this. Among the many studies that have seen them "protagonists", we cite a research work published in 2005 that engaged a team of the George Washington University School of Medicine.

By monitoring a sample of 64 women invited to consume food of plant origin – included in a low-fat diet – it was possible to find significant effects relating to weight loss in the experimental group.

In the previous lines we have mentioned almonds, ideal for a snack. Among the reasons, its extraordinary benefits for heart health can be cited. A study funded by the Almond Board of California recently demonstrated them.

The experts who conducted it monitored the conditions of a sample of people with an above average cardiovascular risk, invited to have an almond-based snack. At follow up, significant improvements in heart rate were found in the experimental group.

When you decide to change your diet, there are several aspects to monitor. These include fat reduction and pressure control. The foods that help in this regard are numerous. Just to mention a few, we mention citrus fruits – whose efficacy for pressure control purposes was proven, among others, by this Japanese study from 2014 – pumpkin seeds and salmon.

We conclude with a nod to a much debated topic – especially in this period of school recovery – by parents. Are vegan and vegetarian diets suitable for children? According to Dr. Benedetta Raspini, a nutrition biologist, the risk is that of having to deal with nutritional deficiencies. A few examples? That of vitamin B12, crucial for the development of the nervous system. Generally speaking, the guidance of the experts is favorable, provided that the indications relating to supplementation are respected.

We conclude by pointing out that all the indications listed should be implemented only after seeking the opinion of the attending physician.

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