Diet, the best of the week from December 27 to January 2

Diet, the best of the week from December 27 to January 2

Eat healthy: the best diets of the experts to help us fight the excesses of Christmas, also valid throughout the winter

After the holidays in which food is often at the center of everything and it is right to indulge in pleasure, it is time to go back to following a healthy and balanced diet valid all year round, without exceeding drasticity such as skipping meals. , absolutely forbidden, through the best diets which mainly include a lot of vegetables.

Brussels sprouts as a natural aid

There are many ways to consume them at the table and many benefits: according to science, Brussels sprouts are useful for the intestine thanks to their fibers, but not only. This vegetable is also rich in potassium, vitamins K and C, and is considered by the scientific community to be a food capable of preventing tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. An exception for those with thyroid problems, who are advised to consult their doctor before taking it.

As for cooking, steaming is recommended so that the Brussels sprouts do not lose their properties and are able to give benefits.

The benefits of the vegetarian diet

Who says a vegetarian diet is sad? There are many ways to consume plant food and still be satisfied and, at the same time, fit. This type of diet, which excludes foods of animal origin with all its derivatives (such as milk and eggs), gives more chances to stay away from any chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes, explain the experts of the SSNV (Scientific Society of Vegetarian Nutrition). Animal foods, in fact, contain saturated fats, cholesterol, animal proteins and heme iron, so it is recommended to follow a diet based on vegetables, cereals and fruit.

Savoy cabbage: a remedy against tumors

Just like Brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage belongs to the Cruciferous family and is a vegetable capable of giving excellent benefits to the body of those who consume them thanks to vitamin C and beta-carotene, but not only: the glucosinolates contained in it, have properties that protect against possible tumors.

The diet to detoxify after big binges

It often happens to eat too much, certainly on holidays such as those of the Christmas period but not only. The solution is certainly not to skip meals or to eat only salads or vegetables without the right caloric intake, so you need to follow a balanced diet that does not harm the body.

“A balance between the party binge and guilt fasting”, explained Dr. Valentina Schirò, nutrition biologist, who collected some examples of daily diets that include, among the variables: wholemeal tea and biscuits in the morning, a seasonal fruit as a snack, pasta and mixed vegetables for lunch, a handful of dried fruit as an afternoon snack and a salad of boiled thistles, Quark cheese and bread for dinner.

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